Thursday, 21 May 2009


After last weeks failed mission the navigational computer was reprogrammed and an intercept course plotted for an intercept with “The Enterprise”. This time we were successful as were many others of our generation!

The new CGI is much better than the original CGI ( cardboard generated imagery ). Clearly if we read this correctly soon after this prequel Starfleet goes for a “retro” look for the refit of the fleet just as designers from out stardate hark back to periods like “art Deco”, they even got rid of the thought operated turbo lifts seen in the new film and reverted to the old fashioned voice operated lifts and woosh sounding doors. They were already experimenting with retro Dan Dare ray guns but must have found it a bit too much “wild west”. Lens flare is going to come back into fashion, who would have ever have bet on that?

As a Kid back in ’67 I was only ever identifying with two characters, Uhura and Spock. Obviously I wanted to be Uhura but admired Spock’s logic and especially absolute control over “his” emotions, Spock was nearly as good at this as I was! Now I find they were an “Item” and poor Spock all “transspecies” about it and leaves himself open for a lifetime of regret. Well that was the movie I saw.

Since the sixties CGI effects have moved on by about the same amount as recognition and treatment of gender issues, absolutely rubbish back then but we put up with it because there was no choice but look how wizzy and slick it can be now, great if you are entering the system now but at the age we were back then.

Pause for wave of mixed emotions.

Imagine if Startrek had been like this back in the “60s, wow.

Imagine if we had not been trapped by a mad system...

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