Thursday, 28 May 2009


My beloved is practicing her out of tune tractor pulling load up steep hill impersonation in her sleep!

We are doing “bed and Breakfast” for an old family friend who has driven 450 miles to collect his daughter and estate car full of clothes at the end of her university year. I think she is majoring in Party-going and Shopping and poor( soon to be very poor ) father is spending his retirement servicing two very expensive girls at university. Luckily only one is trying to live with the super rich set. A black american express card was mentioned, I am the only one not to have heard of such a thing, perhaps based on the colour of a magic wand. Her friends may have these things, Al just has the taste for one.

Jamie took us out to an award winning Thai restaurant to thank us for the many time he has had t stay with us to save money to keep his cuckoo in the manner in which she wants to live! Completely changed my opinion of Thai food. Now I really would like to visit the country ( obvious double meaning! ). Al who always has a cleavage to her ankles and may have drawn attention to our table, that is my job, decided extra time was necessary to prepare for her party that night, can’t blame the poor thing, a night out with old folks can’t be much fun and could completely ruin your credibility. She does need a more credible excuse, how long does it take to put on almost nothing?

Off to the big city this afternoon, a friend is having a book launch. For this I will find some money, us oldies have to show the quality standards to the new generation and need all the support they can get, we are even dragging along someone fresh off the operating table for cataract removal! Enjoy life while you can, you will start to fall apart.

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