Friday, 12 June 2009


Back at 11:30 (it is still light outside!) from the theatre where I have just installed an exhibition about the city in the 80’s, work done by a group of ten photographers who disbanded soon after this work was done. It was more work than I anticipated but the theatre people never imagined they would get such a god show and now want to keep it all summer.

I have wanted to organise a reunion for the group for ages but this was better than anything I could have hoped for. I asked for show tickets at the first meeting and got 20 for a fast selling show and the had a party after the show. Some photographs were taken luckily in poor light, some of us have far too much character these days even with digital retouching those lines will show. Everyone really pleased to get together again, nobody could believe how nearly two decades had passed.

Yesterday I was in for service. First teeth, hygienist then dentist check up with five days sparse hair growth round the mouth to be removed later in the day. As we walked chatting to the reception she suddenly came out with “ have we got your medical records up to date” giving me a good look, may have some interesting changes for her when I go back for a filling after my holiday in France which starts next week.

Next was a visit to my Doctor and we chatted about my recent exhibition of Scottish landscapes, she is now a fan. Eventually we got round to my pile of flash cards for odd questions, why can’t I eat grapefruit?, lumps which need to be cut off, usual thing. Then said it was time to tell the endocrinologists to get organised and get me some really interesting meds.The idiots last time suggested “testosterone” obviously completely getting it wrong, I only said flushes were a little inconvenient. Cheating the system has caught them off guard, you are not supposed to turn up and say I have a “medical need” for HRT, they just think, “how on earth did you get here without spending months being treated like a mental patient?”

I look forward to going through the post after I return from France.

Finally a rest. A whole hour just lying down. It is a long time since the last visit for electrolysis and the magnifier finds hairs you never knew existed, (but not for much longer). This will soon be finished and I shall miss Al and the girls who work with her, though I shall see them for occasional clearing of the dormant growth and I have to go back to do some photographs to improve their website! As I left, Al handed me a bottle of lilac nail polish because she thought it was my colour! Yes I really will miss them.

My weekend away was wet, not a drop fell here. Rain made it easier to just be sociable with our friends. I helped Martin search for somewhere to live when he first got his onshore job in the oil industry, we spent a week searching every place within the designated housing area within 30 miles of Aberdeen but nowhere was interesting enough for him to live in or for people to be enticed to visit. Working on the assumption that most rules are illogical and poorly written I helped persuade him to argue the merits of a home 38 miles out. It worked. Now I can visit some of my old pictures which live amongst some very expensive West coast American pictures which he collects.

The rain was not constant even though the clouds were dark and ominous so we were able to wander round the grounds of Balmoral Castle. Not bad for a holiday home though the Queen knows that only August can be guaranteed frost free so uses it then.

As a complete contrast, next wednesday we fly 1000 miles south to the sun for two weeks without access to networld. What shall we find on our return?

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