Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Long Comments

Anji found that I was on two blogs, what was going on? My reply got a bit long as usual but said something of how I have been thinking so I have promoted to a blog post.

Hi Anji,

I started to blog on Livejournal, it did not seem right to just read without joining in. My first comment was to someone called Caroline, signing in is hard when you refuse to be a number so I became "Carolinetoo". I stuck to LJ even though I got very little feedback, then I found some had blogs on bloggertoo! so I signed on here where they let me be myself, just "Caroline". I have found a select wee group here, yourself included but try to run both in parallel. my autobiography was started on LJ and remains there for anybody who is interested. I think facething is perhaps drawing some attention away from blogs, I probably write more in comments sections than on the blog itself but that is just me. As you can see I am now on "pinkessence" too, a sort of pinkbook. I looked at facebook for couple of days to see someone's photographs but did not like the place at all, I had too many issues with "identity" or "Identities" causing intermingling of circles of friends ( if I had many ) and the lack of focus which the blogs have. The Pink Essence IS focused and is one big circle of friends! It is possible for non trans folk to sign up but you can be more open knowing that stray folk are not wandering by. If I have been quiet for a few days know you know why, just finding my way about the site to see what is going on. This is not a desertion of the blog by me but is good to have a haven to go to. Oops , long comment again, think I shall have to copy this as a post.


Last post was to try and find old friends from the blogs to be friends on the "pinkessence" site, may have to do the work and find them one by one.


  1. Now I understand, I thought I'd missed something. There are so many things going on in cyberspace at the moment I wonder that some people have time for a real life. The other day I received an email telling me that my blog was now being followed by someone who was following over 9000 blogs (yes nine thousand), it didn't say which blog, but I suppose if you're reading that many (!) you wouldn't care or remember.

    Anyway, this one is bookmarked too now.

  2. How would they have time for some real life, just heading off for some of that myself, a night away in Edinburgh for galleries mostly and hope to bump into people we know. That means Julie has no plans

    Caroline x


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