Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Ok, these should be elegantly spread through the text but not figured out how to do that yet so they are in the wrong order and do not tell the story but that fits with the chaos of the event!

I never took any interest in learning French at school after all why would I ever want to visit a country where they ate such strange things as frogs legs and snails. Way back then foreign travel was not common so I never imagined that one day I would have family living there. This gives a chance to see something of life there which a tourist may never see. I must put some work into learning some of the glue which holds all the words which I do know together.

Snails came up on Dru’s blog and I said I would post something about them with a few photos so here goes.

Snails are Hermaphrodites so presumably have no gender issues! They are very hungry creatures and will happily eat anything you are trying to grow in vast quantities. One way to get revenge is to capture them for a while in a cage and give them a false sense of security by feeding them on herbs for a bit of flavour! When you have enough you call you friends to set a date for a party, in the south it is called a “cargolade”. At this point you had better stop the feeding so that they can do what snails do to clean themselves out.

We are lucky, we know people who do this in early summer so it was ready when we arrived.

First make medium sizes fire, this is after all a BBQ! In the past the next stage was really easy, set children to put snails on grid, critters have grown and do not wast to be with adults when there is a beach 12 minutes away so now we have to do that part ourselves. I figure if you are going to eat something oyu should be prepared to get you hands dirty and treat whatever with respect so while friends are starting on the wine set to.

They are going to take a while so eat a plate of oysters and mussels, why else would you invite Sylvan who farms them? Still not ready so try a plate of charcuterie, cold meats, black pudding etc. Now you can bring on the snails which will be eaten with bread and aioli, a thick garlic mayonnaise.

This is obviously not going to be filling so you will have to follow it with a huge grilled coil os local sausage then pork ribs. A choice of eight cheeses should settle things down before the thing everyone is waiting for, Marie's perfect basin sized creme caramel. There were other desserts nearly as good but even our chef is impressed with with the creme caramel. Luckily most of the people there grow grapes and make wine and have a friendly competition, so no shortage in that department and my doctor did say red wine would be good for me...

We are getting older and wiser now, we sit in the shade.

After four and a half hours we were rescued and went for a siesta most of the rest stayed for the same again!

Always good to get the holiday off to an interesting start, though sad to say this will be our last summer holiday in the sun. Julie now finds that with her condition the heat is too exhausting to have enough energy to get about much and with looming retirement money is going to be an increasing problem. On the up side, this is the last chance for serious skin damage though with the high factor sun creams I use there is little chance of this.

So there you have it, how to eat a snail "French BBQ Style".


  1. Now I have to admit you have not convinced me to try snails.
    However the cheese and wine - that is a different matter !

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday.


  2. that is one daunting pile of snails!

  3. I've been reading a lot of you and I find you absolutely delightful. There is something about you that feels familiar and pleasingly foreign all at once. I am flattered that one as fascinating as you would care to read me.
    Thank you.

  4. I just left a comment on the other one, how many have you got?

  5. Hi Anji, I started to blog on Livejournal, it did not seem right to just read without joining in. My first comment was to someone called Caroline, signing in is hard when you refuse to be a number so I became "Carolinetoo". I stuck to LJ even though I got very little feedback, then I found some had blogs on bloggertoo! so I signed on here where they let me be myself, just "Caroline". I have found a select wee group here, yourself included but try to run both in parallel. my autobiography was started on LJ and remains there for anybody who is interested. I think facething is perhaps drawing some attention away from blogs, I probably write more in comments sections than on the blog itself but that is just me.

    As you can see I am now on "pinkessence" too a sort of pinkbook. I looked at facebook for couple of days to see someone's photographs but did not like the place at all, I had too many issues with "identity" or "Identities" causing intermingling of circles of friends ( if I had many ) and the lack of focus which the blogs have. The Pink Essence IS focused and is one big circle of friends! It is possible for non trans folk to sign up but you can be more open knowing that stray folk are not wandering by. If I have been quiet for a few days know you know why, just finding my way about the site to see what is going on.

    This is not a desertion of the blog by me but is good to have a haven to go to.

    Oops , long comment again, think I shall
    have to copy this as a post.


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