Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Feel a little sick.

Pink Floyd, “Another brick in the wall” to save you scratching your heads.

Norma will not be too pleased to see me tomorrow! Another lump of tooth fell off, all that soup and every way with a corgette soft food was no help and I can only hope there is still enough left to do something with.

What really makes me fell unwell is having to quote for work. Usually people call and trust me to do the work and get a very reasonable bill at the end but in this case it is an organisation 60 miles away with Royal at the front of the name in a place I don’t know and they have been very vague about “all” the details and they want the work done in an unreasonable time scale with very limited access, normally I would work all hours I could stay awake to do this but not allowed! I still feel a fraud doing digital photographs on an OK camera but it is not like the past when I could compete with anyone on quality and cost. Think It may well be a wasted trip but nice to be asked. I suspect a certain person from my past who I recently met has had a hand in suggesting they ask me which makes it a little embarrassing. We have already visited Edinburgh this week to see Festival exhibitions without the crowds. Friends wanted to see world press photographs at the Parliament Building, what a pantomime to get in with X rays and searches. First time we went the speaker of the house took us round, gave us food and wine, showed us round his private offices where he had hung a friends paintings, now we have to be frisked! All was forgiven though because I walked in behind a girl who was 3 inches taller than me and in flats! Not often I feel petite.

Disastrous week for weight control, a friend who was so grateful for all the help and company whilst he went through his two eye operations and subsequent recovery gave me a box of favourite sweets, 3500 calories! I could have frozen them to keep them out of harms way but ate them instead! A little help from Julie but she did not help enough!

The plum tree which we got as a wedding present 26 years ago decided that I was serious when I told it it’s days were numbered since it hardly ever produced more than a handfull of fruit and the wasps often beat us to them. A glut this year, giving them away and eating a few every time I pass by. I had decided to build a glass house on the plum tree site, I did give it one of the best spots in the garden, what a dilemma.

Most of this “summer” it has rained but this week for 36 hours non stop it RAINED. The £12,000,000 refurbished museum in town got flooded through faulty roof! The part of the country where we were last week has cars piled up in the river where they were swept in the floods. Actually made use of every thing being soaked and spent the day out in the rain with the high pressure washer, all paths scrubbed clean and slip free for the winter. Julie had abandoned my winter downie which she uses all summer, last night was cold! Tonight will be warm as toast. Autumn is on the way here.


  1. How I would love to spend the rest of my life, surrounded by girls who are 3 inches taller than me! Guess I better start looking for a women's basketball team.

    Melissa XX

  2. From neglecting them, my top teeth kept breaking off. When the last twelve looked terrible, I had them pulled, all at the same time. OUCH!! I have a plate now. They look good, but a pain to deal with.
    And I used to be very self conscious about how tall I was, but somehow I've lost over 2 inches in height, from 5'10 1/2" when I went into the Army at 17yrs old, to just under 5' 8 1/2" now. I'm afraid to ask the doctor where it went, I fear the answer. Thing is, now that I'm better about my height, I can't wear heels 'cause my legs hurt too bad when I do. ....sigh ...Old age, yuk!

  3. I'm sure that I was eating something soft when my last piece of tooth came off. Perhaps it's suction (chewing gum is good at that).

    When I was teaching I used to hate talking about money. People wanted their kids to speak English well, but didn't understand there was more to it than just turning up for an hour or two a week. At least you'll get a good look round somewhere us plebs don't usually see.

    Were're enjoying the special autumn light at the moment that we get here, I can't describe it , dusky gold, very beautiful.

  4. 3500 Calories! lol
    wow that would leave me needing to do a 10 mile run!
    (or swim if i lived near you!)


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