Saturday, 12 September 2009


Poor soul has not long started and has yet to perfect the bum cleavage, quite wasted on me in any case!

The house is hell on earth. Nearly all the rooms we use have to be partially cleared to fit the new windows which have arrived two weeks early! The carefully organised order of work has naturally been changed by the fitter so the whole house is in upheaval. All my quiet places have vanished. The sauna was first to be stuffed full then my darkroom! The two bedrooms which are upstairs are being done first together so we have moved the spare bed into the computer room so now there is no room or peace to play on the web.

There has not been much silicone used yet but we know from when the test windows were done in the bathroom the stink is horrible and lasted over two weeks. The solution, one which will be a real burden is to leave for a couple of weeks and let the wind blow through. Our neighbour will happily open close the windows according to the weather so the smell should be mostly gone when we return. Where to go? It seems a shame to leave here since the summer sun and dry days have finally arrived! Can’t last so we have booked flights to France. There is work to help with, perhaps pick a few grapes and figs, someone has to do it! We like the south of France at this time of year as the heat abates and the colours change on the hills but the sea temperatures still allow for a few days swimming.

Where we go is a bit end of the world and we have never had access to computers and the web. This may be a challenge since the stupid airline now insists on online checkin! For this they charge £10 per person, then there is £5 per person per flight to be able to make a payment! £3 per person per flight to be in the first half of the passenger scrum to find a sea with any legroom!! £10 per person per flight to be able to load a bag of 15 kg, no souvenirs on way back then! And so it goes on and when you have printed the seven pages of “tickets” and boarding cards there is a small print warning that if you do not bring the online printed boarding cards each person will have to pay an extra £40, the site is so chaotic you could easily miss some of the instructions especially if you traveled with them in the not too distant past when things were so much easier and simpler. They had suggested an exorbitant on flight fee for toilet use! You think I am making this up but I am not. Next time we shall be looking for something less unpleasant, booking took an age and first time round timed out! Because of all the extra information demanded down to every small detail off the passport. You could never book a surprise trip for a friend because if you make even the slightest mistake by a letter in the name or do not have access to their passport there is a £100 penalty!!! Need a holiday to recover from this and several days to recover from the change of times from 10.30am to 6.30am, check in 4.30!!!!!

At least nobody out there is going to be jealous after seeing us suffer so.

Experimental comment survey: If you are going to miss my blogs and comments for the next few weeks comment YES, if not comment NO and if undecided comment ERRR DON’T KNOW. This survey will save me working out how to install a counter to gauge interest in the blog.


  1. YES!!!!

    Enjoy your stay in France.

    Melissa XX

  2. Yes! I will miss you. Don't forget to wave as you fly over. After all that booking you deserve a holiday. There are still lots of people enjoying the water in the south and our beach was more packed last Sunday that it has been all summer.

    Have a great time

  3. Yes! I'm still a novice here at your blog, but your comments on my blog and others are always just what the blogger ordered.

    You should track your traffic in some fashion if you're curious at all. You can't gauge visits by the comments left. I get comments from less than a tenth of those who visit. I bet you'd find the same is true for you.

    Safe travels!

  4. YES! Leslie is completely correct about the blog tracking. I usually get 2 or 3 comments per post at the most (woah, I rhymed!), but I have 60 to 65 unique visits per day, 75 percent of which are repeat customers from previous days. Some people just want to read and that's all. In any case, have an awesome trip! :)

  5. Hi, you know I love your blogs!
    Have a great break and lets catch up when you get back. Sorry i missed you before you went.


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