Monday, 19 October 2009

Antibiotic cure


The antibiotics have kicked in and at last I am not a full time heap of coughing misery!

We were able to sit out and have breakfast, well lunch it was so late, on the bench in the warm glow of the low autumn sun which now sneaks under the branches. The first skeins of migrating geese flew overhead honking away north!

An afternoon giving the grass a mow, never going to be a lawn!, and some general tidying up helped clear the lungs as well as the garden. Now that I have a positive view of the future plans are being made to improve access from the garden down to the greenhouse / conservatory which gives us a sunny sheltered place to sit in sunlight and extends our short summer a month or so at each end. At the moment a rough path of stepping stones winds down to some awkward steps which Julie is finding difficult to negotiate. I did once manage to get a wheelchair bound friend into the shelter by balancing his chair in one wheel to the top of the steps then got a lift down but this last year has seen a great decrease in strength. I would say more than the 20% or so often quoted so do not plan the one wheel trick again! I am now wishing I had done this project before the loss of “T” but just plan to take my time, it will be some excercise after all.

Word has got round that we are no longer in quarantine and invites out are arriving. Yesterday went for afternoon tea, very civilized life I lead! We arrived a little earlier than expected so while the cakes and biscuits were being finished I was asked wether I could bring in the washing from the line in the garden. This girl was most upset when I first restarted painting my nails about eight years ago, thought she was going to burst a blood vessel! For christmas she gave me nail polish , in multiple layers of wrapping so that everyone’s attention was drawn, now she gets me to bring in her knickers from the line. Definitely on side now.

Now that the evenings are longer I have restarted  a long term project. There is an unpleasant smell which I have come to love. The small zizzy tingle and sometimes acrid smell of well burnt hair from my home laser machine adds one more victim to the list. There are countless more to go but certain areas need to be clear, a hairy cuff protruding from a sleeve is a real turn off and with so many 3/4 sleeves the arms have become a priority for the burner. You need the patience of Job, whoever he may be, to do this as each scan area is only about a square centimeter and takes about 30 seconds. Switch on some music find a warm spot and a pool of light and it is not so bad. For someone like me with no income but infinite time it is an excellent solution. If my blog posts slacken off or I seem to have stopped commenting, you know where I am!

We are reaching that time of year where we get some marvelous sunsets over the river, unfortunately we face exactly the wrong way so miss most unless we are out. Sometimes we get a hint of the missed glory when the whole sky lights up as it did the other day. Sunrise has moved right round so there is hardly any morning sun in the front of the house now. This made it difficult for Julie to take her one year on snaps of one of our projects. Sorry as interesting as these are they are not being posted!


  1. Its so great your friend came around for you.
    Home laser machine? Wow when did you get that and from where and is it effective?

  2. What beautiful scenery you have there! A body of water like that, makes my little 8 acre pond, seem like a puddle.

    Happy to hear you a getting well. Make sure you get your flu shot, if you haven't already.

    Melissa XX


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