Thursday, 29 October 2009

A date at last

Well,I know when my next hairdressing appointment will be, last week of May just before my exhibition opens in the Chapel Gallery in the south of France. If anyone is going to be at the Spanish end of the Mediterranean  from 28 th. of May till 20 th. of June just let me know and I shall let you know where to go.

Somehow Julie gave up on the idea of May and decided that she would like to be in France for the warmer weather in June. This suits me perfectly, I thought this was going to be my last opportunity for an all over sun tan and chance for swimming in the sea, June is perfect. If I have any fans out there worrying about sun damaged skin, don’t, I go early or late and lather myself, usually no help available, with high factor sun protection. The aim is for a golden glow rather than a piece of old mahogany!

Yesterday I had to make a rare visit to the bank so I took the opportunity to see a very nice woman who was able to castrate my credit card! Why don’t you want the male bit at the front of the name? Soon she was smiling and didn’t even ask for photo ID which I had been told on the phone that I would need, fat lot of good that would have done since my passport still has the picture of a terrorist with a beard! Not exactly a good likeness. Thanks to a reminder on a blog by Lucy, the androgynous owner of this card can now request another card for someone else at the same address. Just wonder if she would be as careful with my slim credit limit as I have been!

Really must change the passport which now only has a year to run. The fees are high for new biometric passports but worse you need to conform to so many rules about size, degree of smile, quality of lighting, tone of background, what hair covers, endless list… How on earth do you get a glamorous photograph to conform to all these rules? In the past I would make beautiful small monochrome portraits and give them rich blue and burgundy tones with selenium. Even the horrible one I now have was done like that but before it got into the passport they scanned it on the worlds worst scanner, took out the toned colours increased the contrast and reduced the size. Clients have treated my work badly in the past, that is their problem not mine, but this took the biscuit! I breaks my heart but I may have to pay someone to do it and asking for maximum femininity in the result is going to confirm all their suspicions.

 I have been waiting till the facial hair had really gone and I now get a quick clearing of strays about every two months so it is essentially gone and I no longer have any reason not to get the photograph done. I had a session of electrolysis two days ago and agreed too take some family photographs at Aly’s birthday party just after christmass so she still refuses to take any more money, we are more like friends now and she was so pleased to have smartened up her web site with the pictures I did for her.

After reading Melissa’s post about the loss of her twin sister I immediately decided to call the sister who should have been my twin. Knowing that she would probably be working in her garden before lunch I warned Julie because she knows that we may only phone once a month or so but will chat for over an hour. I plugged in the head set ready, can’t be bothered holding up telephones for more than a couple of minutes and certainly not for an hour. Just before I got the chance to call she came in from the garden and called me!
We live five hundred miles appart and have been doing this trick for decades now, as I said we should have been twins, she was a complete opposite to her real twin.

 I guess I used to look at her and think that should have been me.


  1. Its great to have a good relationship with your sister.
    I wish I was going to be in Southern France to see that but alas I guess the chances are slim.
    But if you know anyone that knows how to use a camera, you could post a few photos (wink) ha ha.

    I recently had a passport photograph before my hair was as long as it is now.
    It looks nothing like me. In fact I tried it through the automatic camera recognition system at passport control in Stanstead airport. and I had to go back to the normal lines as it just would not let me through !
    Maybe my picture was male and my face is female !!! LOL

  2. How useless is photography?

    Caroline xx

  3. You're going to the hair dressers more often than I do now that you've got the hang of it.

    I agree, it's good you have a great relationship with your sister. I get along with mine in small doses. Fortunately we worked that out before too much damage was done.

  4. You are one lucky girl, doing all of that traveling, Caroline!

    Isn't it nice how a post by a blogger (Melissa) could affect your and your sister, who are thousands of miles away from Melissa?

    That's what I love about T-Bloggers. We feel each other's pain and we care about each other.

    I have subscribed to your blog now, Caroline, so will be reading it as time permits....sometimes late, but always catching up.

    Calie xxx


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