Friday, 23 October 2009

Life returning

I have been waiting for two weeks for the promised contact to discuss an appointment to remove a lump from my calf. After just short of two years waiting they sent a date and time which clashed with the only thing which I had planned for November or December. I had bought a row of tickets for a popular Scottish play about a group of women doing the weekly wash at a public laundry called “The Steamie”. I know it sounds dull as hell but it is a modern Scotttish classic about female camaraderie, there is one guy in it the manager of the place naturally! Four of my women friends were to join me for a meal before the show, I imagined a great night out. Not a word back about when I could expect an alternative date, more than two reminders seems crazy so I wait…

Phone call from France to say that Julie’s sister wants to visit on the way to Malta, why not? Visitors for a week, that immediately solved the question of when should there be a party, excuse 60 years since the family first moved into this house so with the sister visiting we  picked one of those days. It also solved the problem about who does the cooking, she is bringing the chef! It also solved the theatre question, I think she  has to take my place, especially since she knows all the others and she is on a “see all my friends” mission.

The phone is getting warm with all the calls to set up a busy week of dinner parties and stand up parties etc. I was wondering where to put the latest wine purchases, looks like I need not bother It is just going to be drunk!

Can’t believe how hard this cold has hit me, even with the antibiotics I am still coughing. We both need to get out more so we went for a walk to the shore to watch the swan sized ugly ducklings and get chilled by the cold easterly breeze off the river. We get to really see what is going on because Julie now makes so many stops to rest along the way. Need to keep up the exercise to maintain stamina which has dropped since she was walking round Porto. I have to be careful to do a lot extra because if I go at her pace I shall get really out of condition.

The autumn colours were starting to look good but we have had two days of wind and rain and the early fallers have been brought down in drifts. The upside is that the walnuts are falling into the street from a tree which I keep an eye on, not a bumper year but food for free! Now the forecast is for gales from the west so goodbye to much of the autumn colour for this year

Going to have a busy couple of weeks. The house is still in upheaval after the window job, still needs some cleaning up and a little redecoration to cover some slight damage and blend in the new with the old. At the moment there is nowhere for guests to sleep and my pores are desperate for the sauna to flush them out.

Strange how on holiday Julie wore nothing but skirts but at home she almost never does, that is my job and it feels so good to have that freedom of movement and coolness of the air. Have also finally found where Julie put the Chanel when the bedroom windows went in. 

Bliss regained .


  1. "No where for the gusest to stay"
    I could rent you my caravan for a small fee! LOL

  2. It may come to that, the driveway is at about 12 degrees, do the beds have safety harnesses?

    Caroline xxx

  3. Good luck beating the cold quickly. Seems a whole lot of people are sick here too. Cold a flu season has begun.

    The walnuts sound great. Our friends nearby have huge black walnut trees but the shells are so thick it's almost not worth the effort for the amount of nut you get.

    Have fun with the party.

  4. Actually they dont but it could be a good way of getting rid of unwanted guests!


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