Friday, 16 October 2009


Strange how quickly things change. Last week I was trying to catch up on blogs missed since I went away and there seemed to be an endless supply, now I am twiddling my thumbs wondering why so little is coming up on the reader. Some of this is probably my fault for having settled into a small, lets call it a select group of bloggers which swirl around. In the past I would try blogs of bloggers to find like minded souls. Now I realise that I have been doing this less and less having forgotten that since all human life is out there I occasionally came across some things a bit unsavory even to an open minded soul like mine. Let people use their body parts however they wish but I find psychological humiliation and bullying really unpleasant. Perhaps I was on a run of bad luck or had had an unusually run of good luck to find those I have found.

A while ago I finally signed up on utube to be able to post occasional comments and more easily keep track of those who I found interesting. Today yet another has posted to say that they are to take an extended break!

No doubt you have been in a noisy room full of people when there is suddenly silence. That is how it seems here at the moment. Perhaps I should go away and read a book for a day or so and comeback to some friendly chatter.


  1. Don't you ever go away Caroline! You are one of the reasons I love to come here!

    I would love to post a blog every day, but my muse is a fickle mistress. Sometimes she's here, and sometimes she's not. When she's not, I read the blogs of others, hoping for some inspiration. Your's has certainly become one of my favorites!

    Melissa XXOO

  2. Please don't pressure me to blog every day. No one would be pleased with the watered down result, most of all me! I have to wait for the muse to hit me.

  3. I find it difficult to post everyday too. My best blogging friends have come through the comments on other people's posts. Friends of friends.

    I've been approving blogs for BlogExplosion for the last three years and yes - there are a lot of sick people out there. They are out numbered by the good ones fortunately.

  4. Yes, Caroline, I really relate to all of your words in this post.

    I do appreciate it when a blogger anounces that she is taking a break. I was just looking through my reader yesterday and found several who have not posted in months. An update once in a while would be nice. God forbid something horrible happened to a blogger who has not posted in months, but I must admit the thought has entered my mind more than once.

    I read blogs that share the author's real life emotions, experiences, pain, feelings, etc. I tend to stay away from anything else although I do subscribe to some of the trans related clinical and political blogs.

    Calie xxx


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