Tuesday, 27 October 2009

No pictures

Finally after months of trying to save my tooth, then root canal work and rebuilding and everyone’s holidays overlapping, finally I have a mouthful of teeth again. The pleasure of being handled by Norma was somewhat spoilt by her stern lecture on the life without toffee and other such treats. Neither of us want to go through this again as much as I enjoy her warm embrace.

Directly after the dentist the car required it’s annual test. I was to be picked up from the garage but got a panic call about feeling unwell but my friend needs to get ready for two and a half weeks on the road selling her wares at craft shows up to 500 miles away and still needed some help getting ready. Could I use my origami bike to get to her house. Darn thing is so small it took an age to find, it was in the sauna with other stuff hidden when we cleared up for the window job six weeks ago. In the rush to get the car to the garage I forgot my bag with money, camera, phone, iPod and all the other stuff we carry about these days so first had to go home and hope Julie had not decided to go out. My glow completely masked the Chanel by now and m I was soaking from the inside but what fun flying through the autumn leaves. Quick change then another crossing of the one and a half mile bridge and zig zaging through the road works and traffic cones which cover the city at the moment. She has one of those useless husbands who can’t be trusted with any delicate jobs so I sealed the joints which had been leaking on her caravan when being towed in the rain, it was so neat it looked more like customized stripes. At least I was able to help with a few jobs and let her rest up. She is like a machine, did not know that she allowed herself to be ill!

The biking about was great except the wind kept changing direction but I guess that just makes the exercise that much more intense. The guys, independent father and son garage I have been using since the father started in business, gave me a hard time about my toy bike so I gave them a lecture about bicycle design and geometry but they are not convinced, no engine and only two wheels. At least they liked my new improved look!

Real life biking is a lot harder on the rear than the exercise bike, especially over the bumps.

The car was fine, I hardly use it now and hate to take it out in the rain!!


  1. Concerned citizens demand a picture of the bike!

    I was riding around the woods on Sunday, which was great fun, locking up the back wheel for little skids on the autumn leaves... and we surprised a peregrine too!

  2. Just think of how good your legs will look after all that excersise!

    By the way my caravan will need a service around March next year. If you set of in February you might just make it in time. !
    How much do you charge LOL


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