Sunday, 25 October 2009

Time passages

The year has changed, it always catches us out. You think summer will blend into autumn then wham the leaves are ripped off in the first gale leaving the first skeletal forms to remind you of the dying year.

This year is more poignant than ever waking to the news that a dear friend has lost their sister after a long illness. Grieving for the loss of warmth and sunshine seems so trivial at this time.

Time changes too. The long case clock ticks away our lives as it always has and is easy to change. For a long time this was really all I needed to change, I do not own a watch. Insidiously clocks have got everywhere forcing the passage of time and life before us. Weeks can pass before they are all found and a means to change them remembered, I have just recalled that there is one in my darkroom thermometer! No need to change that really as time does not exist when I go in there.

A sad day and soon the darker evening will envelop us but thoughts are with Melissa.


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  2. Thank you, Caroline! That was so very sweet of you!

    Melissa XX

    (I misspelled your name in the deleted comment. Clumsy fingers!)


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