Sunday, 29 November 2009

My name is...

My name is Caroline and I am a Macaholic!

I am sure this will shock some of my readers for this I am sorry but I just can’t help it. It could be that they are so cute to look at when they are resting as well as when they are awake. Mine have always just worked from the moment they switch on and leave me stress free. When it all boils down they are just so desirable!

So what do I do when my wife decides that she needs mobile computing now that she is no longer employed and needs something for her personal research projects. She likes the Mac but does not have my addiction and started looking at ugly plastic machines some of which were so stripped down they would not be much use for my work with photographs on the move. She has to have something, I have more difficulty getting on this machine for a while, a new toy will keep her out of my hair!

My dream of a flashy iPod has been abandoned and all birthday and christmas presents have been banned, no more clothing purchases either. All available funds I could find have been added to the price she was prepared to pay so that we could have a new toy we could both be happy with.

Any body who hoped for a christmas present stop dreaming now ‘cos a baby MacBook is on it’s way!

Savings are already being made, the meal we provided for friends last night was done with cheap minced beef and they even praised it, we could have saved a fortune if we had known we could do this years ago.


Looks like life is going to be quiet for a while...


  1. Hi Caroline,

    I love my Macbook. I bought it back in June and it's become my favorite computer ever. The video I made for Chrissie was 100% created on my Macbook. I love being able to take it everywhere, write anywhere, watch DVDs anywhere, listen to music anywhere, take it to cafes with wifi, etc etc. The only reason I still have my 9-yr-old desktop PC is because I'm not ready to spend $400 on Photoshop Elements for the Macbook.


  2. My wife was a sworn Macaholic for many years. But having three kids catches up to you after a time, and so we have settled for the tinny bug-ridden virus-compatible PCs. Champagne tastes, beer money.

  3. My only experience with a Mac was back in college, 1990 to 1992. I volunteered at the literary club/magazine. I liked using the Mac, and it was faster than the IBMs at the time, but it displayed things in black and white only. I'm sure they've come a long way since then!

  4. @Dana loved chrissie's video can't wait for more.

    @ Lesley I can only drink water now.

    @Amy You would be amazed, they do colour now and sound too.

  5. I think you should reduce the number of letters and words used in your blogs for extra savings.
    Every little counts!

  6. I know nothing about macs, but I do know that there is a little cookbook entitled 'Marvellous Meals with Mince'which is very good.


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