Tuesday, 10 November 2009

pain and joy

Something of a test today, Three months ago I purchased five theatre tickets and arranged to have an evening out with my wife and three other girl friends with a pre performance meal. They are still out enjoying themselves and I hope they enjoyed the play about female bonding!

At least I got the complement from the doctor about the youthful firmness of my calf as he cut into it to remove the offending hard lump. Then he complained about the firmness of the same calf making it difficult to stitch together! Now I an reaping the reward of hairless legs since the sticky dressing will peel off with ease. He was non too pleased when I pointed out the failings in their system and the fact that two more lumps had appeared since number one was reported 23! Months ago. Details stop at this point, not nice.

Two have just returned from their jaunt having laughed all night. Estimated 96% female audience  and marvelous cast and set from this touring group, they are both so happy it is marvelous to see. Thought this may have brought on feelings of jealousy since I had been looking forward to it for so long and would have liked to feel jealous just for the experience! 

Tomorrow will be a sort of semi rest day with some food preparation for a large lunch party on Thursday. The other Sunday party could have been embarrassing when showing photographs from the last French trip so that Y & C’s friends could see just what their new business looked like up came one of me getting my first haircut in 40 years and she retold how Alain the hairdresser made some comment about “her” visit the next week, referring to me who had now watched two getting their treatment and chatted away, Oh she said a lot think “C” is a girl! Result! May not get so much success here where so many people have known me for so long and just taken in my gradual transformation without fully realising just what is happening but if she keeps blurting this out news is going to spread.

Going to look for pain killers it is getting sore as the anesthetic is wearing off.


  1. 23 months is a ridiculously long time, to have to wait to have a lump removed. I hope everything turns out OK, and you heal up quickly. So sad that you had to miss the play you were so looking forward to.

    Caroline, at this point, does it really matter whether J refers to you as "her" or not? :-)

    Take care sweetie!
    Melissa XX

  2. It’s sad about the play, I hope that you made them tell you every single detail!

    Hope that your leg isn't too uncomfortable today, I presume that they will analyse the contents of the lump. I had a huge mole removed from my back 20 years ago and was surprised at how painless it all was. The worst bit was Rob peeling off the plaster, but I think he worked in a torture chamber in a past life.

  3. My wife seems to have totally accepted the new me. It is the sister in law who has no thinking time before saying exactly what she thinks! she was chatting to her sister last night after we had all had a retelling of the nights adventure, she finally asked if I was going a bit gay, many of her friends have discovered their gay side after divorce or just later in life. No just accepting the feminine side of *** nature. Not quite got round to using her yet.

  4. It really does amaze me how little people notice when you change slowly.
    They generally see what they expect to see and nothing more.
    Glad the minor operation went ok. Hope the pain does not last for to long.


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