Sunday, 1 November 2009

UK Halloween

This being the UK we do not have a tradition for celebration on Halloween. Three years ago we landed in Spain for our “summer” holiday on the evening of Halloween. Our reception committee said that we were going to eat at a restaurant in Gerona on the way to France. Moments after we passed the last parking place we would ever see the streets started to fill, the whole town centre was en fete and having a great time and we could not even find an illegal place to park. Missed a good night there.

A group of local kids organised their own Halloween which included a treasure hunt round the town with hidden prizes and clues. We were asked if they could use our front garden since it is about the spookiest in town with drooping conifers hanging over the front gate and we were asked to keep the lights off! Just to maximize the scariness. They were all to dress as well known ghosts. Every thing gone now so I guess it all went well.

They were lucky with the weather, the rain is lashing against the windows but if you have been keeping up with my recent posts you know that I no longer need to care about this! The sky is slate grey and miserable so a day of personal pampering is in order. I have had a shower and exfoliated, the legs were a bit flaky! As I sit here with a large hot drink with the blogosphere I saw mention of epilators which has spurred me on to harvest this weeks crop, it is so much more comfortable than shaving it is easy to forget the regular run over. Perhaps this should go into iCal as a regular alert!

With retirement, income is way down but having a bad cold, even though there are expenses for tissues, cough mixture etc. There is a major saving overall not going out. This has allowed me togo online and buy an arm full of my favourite knickers, I would have bought them from a shop with real people after all knicker shopping is fun but for some reason nobody stocks my choice in black and I only wear white under thin white linen clothes. I left all my best knickers in France so as not to have to think about what to pack, I left them in the washing pile, wonder if they actually found their way to our drawers? Also bought very cosy fleece polo neck in cerise stripes, hardly fashionable but almost too cosy, when Julie has one as well the heating can be turned down and we shall save it’s cost in no time. End of month and bank account not quite empty counts as a success.

There is less time to come here since our ancient iMac which Julie prefers has lost it’s internet connection. Probably a fault in one of the boxes which sends the signal through the house mains wires. Until that is resolved she is to be found here in my quiet space.


  1. Wet and windy here too. We haven't put the heating on yet but colder weather is forecast for next week. Keep warm.

  2. Yes the weather was good on Saturday night. But I took my son to his rugby match Sunday morning and it was really bad with the wind and rain. We were soaked to the skin and as cold as hell when I got back.
    Mind you i really enjoyed my hot bath and the magazine! (Bizarley I also had a harvest after the bath , and how great my skin feels!)


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