Saturday, 26 December 2009

Still brings lump to throat.


  1. I can see why. I never paid much attention to the lyrics back in the 70's. I was still pretty much in denial then, and preoccupied with more trivial pursuits.

    Listening to it now, I find myself wiping away the tears. She had a beautiful voice. Whatever happened to her?

    Melissa XX

  2. Fairly sure she is still singing though I never follower her this one was so poignant , like a stab to the heart.

    Caroline XX

  3. She was still recording at least up until 2006. I enjoy her music quite a bit, "At Seventeen" was not really representative of most of her work. It was one of the few songs she recorded that had any commercial success and thus airplay.

  4. Yikes... I had forgotten this one.

    oh.... I was never fond of it, though. :-(

    Back then I had enough troubles of my own, and wanted light-hearted stuff to break the gloom... So when this came on the radio, I always hit the off switch.


  5. I could never understand how she knew;

    "To those of us who knew the pain
    Of valentines that never came
    And those whose names were never called
    When choosing sides for basketball"


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