Wednesday, 13 January 2010

2D or to do 3D, that is the question.

As requested by Melissa, now remember film reviews is not what I do...

I have been to the movies, first time we have been able to get out long enough to see anything for nearly a month. Forgot what heat was, there was enough to have melted most of the snow we had just in that cinema, probably to force you out to buy a cool drink but the film was so long it already tested bladder function to the limit.

So if you have an enormous pile of money, almost enough to make most of all the other films made this year can you mix live and animation in a realistic way? Can you make actions fluid and natural whilst maintaining beautiful compositions even through the most complex changes of point of view in animation or camera movement with live action? Yes. Makes me think they were fans of Stanley Kubrick.

So bad guys want to plunder the resources where there is already an indigenous stable ecosystem. The thugish mainly male grunts have loads of vicious weaponry which they are happy to use to get their way if they can’t buy their way in by offering a few buttons and to build roads where non are wanted or needed. A few scientists are allowed in not so much to do research as to communicate with the humanoids via human / native clones.

Now it becomes heart of darkness / apocalypse now, those sent on a mission are converted and go native. Like vietnam huge military might of fuel bombs and airborne fire power and troop landings fought with primitive weapons, ask those who lost soldiers in vietnam to bamboo sharpened and poisoned.

Once you have seen the principle characters much of the plot is not going to surprise you and you can tick off plot points you have guessed as a sideline but the presentation and in depth magical environments are wondrous to behold. He net told me it was to be regular presentation which is what I wanted to see first but on arrival it was 3D but being cheap Tuesday we could afford the extra price. When film changes presentation there is often a phase where the technology gets in the way and the new form is poorly understood. Trailers for some films showed this, girls bouncing on trampolines assets wobbling towards the camera in a gross fashion, exaggerated perspectives euch! This film was restrained in it’s use of depth in sound and vision, a few items fly towards you to wake you up and some delicate atmospherics fill the cinema in a few scenes to great effect.

You could not see who the good guys were by them having macs, in the future all computers are going to be great but the really good guys don’t have them or need them, they live in peace and harmony with nature.

Highly recomended, if I ever et the chance to see it in Imax I shall, Oh, the film.





  1. Caroline, will the 3D glasses fit comfortably over a pair of street glasses? I can't see a thing without my glasses. The last 3D movie I went to see was over 30 years ago, when Andy Warhol's Frankenstein was playing. They provided large plastic framed polarized glasses, that would fit over a pair of regular glasses. Much better than the very old cardboard framed, blue and red cellophane lenses of the fifties and early sixties 3D movies.

    The short clips I have seen on TV look fantastic, even in 2D. I heard it was long at close to 3 hours. I will have to add two hours on to that, for round trip travel time, and finding a parking place. This sounds like a movie that might be worth making a trip into town for.

    Melissa XX

  2. Oh so that's what it's about.

  3. Even I hardly knew before I went, you would have thought someone would have written something.

    Caroline xxx

  4. I took the kids over Christmas and loved the visual effects.
    It was the first film I have seen in 3D and exceeded my expectation.


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