Monday, 25 January 2010


The kinetic element to pond life is no more, it is not just sleeping, it is an ex fish and from the way it has been playing with me and my emotions these past two weeks obviously a Monty Python fan!

Funeral was a private affair, just family, at 2 pm gmt.

You were a brute but we miss you.


  1. The poor thing. The deep freeze may have been too much for him after all. Did you lay him to rest on a bed of pilaf? :-)

    Melissa XX

  2. Now it is swimming around in that great fish pond in the sky. Are you sure it was dead?

  3. There have been times when he was bullying the other fish in the past when I felt he should be on a bed of rice having been baked in a salt crust but I resisted!

    He is laid to rest in a woodland setting beneath a lilac tree.

    Yes Anji, this time had his chips, evidence to follow.


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