Friday, 29 January 2010

Stuffed sheep's stomach.

I should have been writing a blog about haggis!

We have been to two Burns suppers this year already and still have a big fat haggis in the fridge. Too many people invited us before we could invite them. Just as well because they put on a better party than we're going to. The first was an elaborate affair with about 30 guests in a Mansion house just outside the city. The hostess had been a drama and speech teacher so you can imagine the presentation was really quite dramatic, sadly the Piper had already been invited to another party, just as well since the noise of the bagpipes played inside a house is about as loud as a jumbo jet landing in your garden. There was an awful lot of audience participation which in years gone by would have scared the living daylights out of me, but the new me takes it all in my stride and is even prepared to read out poetry in broad Scots! The second, on Burns night itself was a much quieter affair around at the neighbour's house, then we could just relax and enjoy the food company. When we get visitors who are not used to Scotland we like to give them a taste of haggis, but not until they've had a couple of days to stew over the idea of eating this strange dish. Without exception everyone has enjoy haggis, even when they've been told what has been stuffed into a sheep's stomach to make it! Saturday, we will finally get rid of our own haggis with just a few close friends, no bagpipes or poetry, just a few glasses of wine or whisky for those who want it.

I finally went to see somebody about my strange voice. The tube went through the nose and down into the voice box and I gurgled a few sounds the for doctor while he a good look around. Quite relieved to find there were no nasty growths in there thank goodness. There was a lot of red soreness so I probably have silent reflux! I have been given yet another leaflet listing all the things which I should not eat or drink, if I add all the lists from all the leaflets have had over the last few years and taken more seriously I soon will be able to eat anything! Seems if you like it is bad for you, Haggis at least wasn't on the list. Next I get to see a speech therapist, perhaps I can turn this to my advantage, something has to bring back my old sweet voice!

The thought of something nasty in their has not helped my mood recently, hardly a record year on offer but at least it might help lighten my mood now that I know I'm not in immediate danger of popping my clogs! Though I have noticed that posts about death and fish gather more comments than just about any other posts I have ever made. Perhaps I should change the direction of the blog, perhaps in search of lost fish would be a better title and make me more popular, I shall have to think about this.

This post has been brought to you by the magic of new technology, I chat at the computer and sometimes the words I speak appear on screen and one day when it understands what I'm talking about I can imagine this could even be faster than my one finger on each hand typing. It certainly spells a lot better than I do but doesn't always understand my croaky voice.


  1. So you're one step ahead: a silent, spoken blog.

    I'm always surprised by what draws comments and what doesn't.

    I thought that haggis was a bit like faggots, so I would give it a try - not ready for frogs legs yet though.

  2. nothing is certain but death and fish, I suppose.

    I used to really like haggis, until the hot August day that my flatmate drove all the way from Inverness with a homecoming gift of haggis. Despite my misgivings, I ate it with her, for it would have seemed curmudgeonly not to.

    Sick for a week, I was.

  3. One of the girls in our group played her pipes at our Christmas party. Yes, they are quite loud inside the confines of a house!

    I've always wanted to try haggis, but we can't get it here. That's probably for the better, because Americans tend ruin foreign foods, by substituting the wrong ingredients. I watched a Scottish butcher making it once, on a cooking show, and it looked like it would be scrumptious. He didn't reveal all of his secret ingredients to those filming the show, saying he'd have to kill them if he did, but all of the ingredients that were shown, were things that I like.

    Happy to hear its just a little irritation and nothing more serious. I used have horrible reflux, that caused constant heartburn and belching. Then I started taking 20mg of Prilosec each morning and it disappeared. My sister has the same problem. She is taking something even stronger, and has put the legs of her bed's headboard on risers, to keep her stomach lower than her esophagus when she sleeps. I should do the same thing. Also not eating anything for at least a couple of hours before bedtime helps. Hiatal hernias are fairly common in older people, and are often the cause of acid reflux.

    Are you saying that you have a computer with voice recognition now? Sounds Trekkie!

    Melissa XX


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