Friday, 8 January 2010


The sight of the poor old fish nestled on amongst the weeds, head down and tail bent at a poignant angle just below the ice was too much to bear even if this had been such a miserable bully to all his companions. I found an old iron poker and a sharp edged stone and set to work in the arctic conditions to release the body from it's macabre resting place and find it somewhere out of sight for it's eternal rest. The poker worked some small holes in the inch of ice then I set about joining them with the heavier stone which started to move the sheet of ice and then the fish's tail which spooked me a little but not as much as when the whole body slumped deeper into the weeds. As I rested, wondering how I was going to reach an arms length down into the icy depths to retrieve the body, this water numbs a hand in seconds in the summer, the body gave a great twitch and then a few seconds later righted itself and swam off as if nothing had ever happened and is now slowly cruising about again. Guess I can't spend that money on anything but fish food now!


  1. I think the fish should be called Mark Twain now, then.

  2. Told you!

    It would happen with the one you didn't want.


    Looks like Anji was right. And I was about to suggest a good recipe for carp.

    Melissa XX

  4. A dirty rotten trick! if you had seen the way it was in the weed and not having moved a millimetre in a day and a half you would have been contemplating a good meal. Wizzing about like fury now!

    Caroline xxx

  5. What an inconsiderate fish, left you to cry yourself to sleep night after night, grinding of the teeth and it was all a trick!

    Its amazing though.

    I love happy endings.


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