Thursday, 28 January 2010

A taxing day

A visitor during the big freeze sent me a link to a site selling grippers the fit on shoes to aid walking on snow and ice. I suspect that now that the money has been spent on these things we shall not be bothered with the stuff ever again. Certainly anything threatened by the meteo fails to reach us at the last moment but it falls on the road to Glasgow! To get our moneys worth they are going to hang on the wall as an artwork so that they can be found if we are unlucky enough to get more bad weather, no doubt by then the rubber will have perished and they will not work. Not in optimistic mood after a fraught day.

A day of my life wasted.

If you are truly the worlds most incompetent computer programer you are probably employed by UK government to run their online tax system. Last year was a nightmare and finally refused to accept the codes to donate over payment to transgender charity as in previous years when done on paper. This year to be different it just will not let me in! Non of the passwords sent are accepted and noting tells you that after three attempts the system locks you out for two hours and the password is now void anyway! Only after waiting an age on the phone do they tell you this. It is all a pantomime anyway, they know they are not going to get anything from me and it will only cost them to process the account and then as usual they will send me a threatening demand for NO MONEY which must be paid by a certain date. This is almost funny but I know someone who has taken a job with the tax office to see him out till retirement and his department has written off several billion in overpayments which they can’t be bothered to chase down! He is a minion and wants to stay that way and not have this **** on his head, they know he is brighter than the fools in charge and keep trying to promote him but he wants to sleep with a clear conscience.


  1. I've been wiped off the social security system for self employed people. I only discovered this today when I tried to log in my earnings for the last three months. I've got blood tests and stuff comeing up which is going to be very expensive if it doesn't get sorted soon.

    Dom worked at the tax office last summer. One of the ladies there laughingly told her not to look out of the window in the morning or she'd have nothing to do in the afternoon.....

  2. Don't fret dear, we haven't seen February yet, so your snow and ice traction aides may soon have their day. A storm is brewing along the central Gulf (of Mexico) coast, and will track east and become a nor'easter tomorrow night, bringing us anywhere from 3-8" of snow this weekend, as it rides up the East Coast. Those nor'easters usually get stronger as they travel north. Then they leave Nova Scotia, and become North Atlantic storms that head your way. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Maybe if you are lucky, it will bypass you and go to Norway instead.

    So it's tax time in the UK too. I just got all of my tax documents in the mail this week. I use Turbo Tax on line. I makes it simple. They ask all the questions, and you just fill in the blanks from your tax documents. They try to find all of the deductions you are eligible for, then double check everything. When they say no errors were found, you submit your return. Then they deposit your overpayment directly into your checking account, after deducting their fee of course. The government has a free on-line tax service, but I'm afraid of running into the exact kind of problems with them that you have experienced.

    Melissa XX

  3. If it keeps the snow away, the grippers were a pretty good investment. It's like washing the car to make certain you get rain. Reverse psychology works great on Mother Nature.

  4. "M" The tax form being filled as a great relief, don't know why I leave it to the last minute every year.

    "L" Snow hardly ever falls here by the coast, hope we never have to use those darned grippers.

    "A" Frogs legs are wonderful, I'm shocked that you never tried them, especially living in the North where you get lots of yummy stuff.

  5. If I told you that certain government departments are busily throwing around huge-budget IT contracts to get them in place before the election when the money tap stops so that they'll still have a job after the election, I'm guessing it wouldn't make you any better-disposed towards government IT. Think of it as keeping chez Alto afloat amongst many others.

  6. Blame the Romans for this annual accounting process! It is "normal" for money to be thrown around like crazy at the end of the tax year. If you do not spend it it vanishes and the next year you get less to play with! Money gets spent on things which never get used!

    Caroline xxx


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