Thursday, 4 February 2010

Free range

Today was a rare free range day, the sort of day I've had the past 30 years until Julie's retirement in August. Much of our life is now a little like conjoined twins but today she took over the computer to work on some of the projects which interest her.

I took off in the car for a day by myself. I got her out of the garage just as Billy turned up in his fish van. He was pleased to see me because our new erratic lifestyle means we often miss him as we will next week, I feel guilty missing him because there are so few of us now buying fish and there are so few shops where you can buy it now even though we live in a fishing area! I headed off a new laptop to show Ali the pictures I took at her party on her birthday / wedding. I made them into a slideshow, corny but the wedding was to the Beatles "all you need is love", and the party to Madonna's "music", she loved it. We had a session clearing my hairy chin and after she had seen the pictures said I was in credit for a good few sessions yet. Even better she has found someone who needs some one-to-one tuition in photography so I may even get to earn a little money.

Being a clear dry day I couldn't resist changing the dirty brown car back into a nice bright red one at the car wash, really lifted the spirits to see its shine again.

Searching through the paperwork recently I found all the supermarket tokens which Julie was supposed to spend in a jewellery shop but couldn't be bothered, a small fortunes worth had gone out of date! Since she couldn't be bothered to spend them herself I took those that were still valid and bought myself a new toy. The new iPad is a bit expensive for me so I got the baby version, a touch. Long ago the computer I used was a pocket device called Psion with 2 MB of memory! I still use of a lot of things like alarm clock when travelling, It is a museum piece now. It cost a fortune all those years ago, the new toy was a tiny fraction of the price and has 4000 times more memory! Now I can carry loads of information with me and if anybody wants to see my photographs they will be there in my pocket. Not sure when I will confess to this extravagance, it will probably be ages before she notices I have it.


  1. Have I told you recently how much I adore you? What a beautiful blog! I needed a laugh, and that did it for me!

    How wonderful to have fresh fish delivered to you door! Reminds me of the time last summer, when a steak and fish monger knocked on my back door, and I confronted him in pink shorts, a white peasant blouse, and red sandals, with matching red toenails! He hasn't been back since! LOL!

    Melissa XX

  2. One of the fishermen recently opened up a shop a couple of evenings a week to sell his catch. You can't park down there when he's open. he's chosen times when people are home from work.

    I was brought up on fish fingers so I'm terrified of dealing with real fish.

    Your new toy sounds interesting, I wish we had a token scheme like that

  3. Fresh fish delivery sounds awesome! I don't understand the whole token thing but that sounds real good too. Cheers!

  4. I have no idea about gadgets and such things, but I do enjoy a good Kipper! It sounds like you made the most of your free time and had some fun,

    always enjoy reading your entries

    Hugs Jenny x

  5. Oh to be loved!

    Anji! How can you live where you do and not take advantage of the fish!! It will not eat you. To have it arrive at the door is something I try to encourage since the younger generations do not seem to be buying fish from the vans, it does not help that it is expensive now.

    Teri, the tokens are loyalty vouchers on purchases at the local supermarket and petrol station, often get 25 cents a gallon off the price of petrol and they sometimes have offers which multiply the face value. Julie had $400 she could have spent in a jewellery store which she walked past often, she could not be bothered and the tokens went past their use by date so now I have an iphone without the phone bit! I made two calls yesterday which is nearly my months limit!

    Caroline xxx

  6. I bet you are the best photography teacher in the world!


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