Monday, 22 February 2010


This is my driving licence, valid till 2021! It has a small imperfection on it where the police claimed I was speeding by capturing a radar reading before the speed limit sign! What can you do? Anyway, otherwise it is perfectly clean, well apart from the fact that it is a tatty rag!

A visitor was going to apply for a new photo license, we are really up to date now in the UK, but for some reason they left the form behind with just one box ticked. I would have to tick the same box and after my pantomime session at the passport office I have a sheet of reasonable non smiling pictures of me handy, just needed someone responsible to sign the back to say I am who I claim to be. Our local councillor and justice of the peace is a close neighbour and we have not seen her for a few weeks so I organised an impromptu lightweight supper party, we are all trying to control portion size so it was themed that way!

After the meal I fished out the form and the new snap. She filled in the form first with known this person for 28 years so they may believe her. Then she turns and looks me in the eye and asks if I am changing my name as well!! As I have said before it should be pretty obvious what is going on, just nobody has come out with a direct question yet. when the ay comes I am sure there will still be a good circle of friends left to keep me amused.

Now just have to grind through the gobbledygook on the form, who writes these things?


  1. It took them years to write that gobbldygook!!

  2. So did you answer yes or no? Telepathic link is down.

  3. Sorry to disappoint with power of telepathic link, getting there slowly but she may well be filling that other form one day. Handy sort of friend to have around.

    Caroline xx


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