Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Yesterday was breast screening day, I know I haven't got much to screen yet but it wasn't me, this was Julie's appointment. Just as well to find out where to go since I'll have to find it myself one day, it was interesting being greeted with hello ladies! Something's starting to work.

The snow we were promised hasn't arrived. I was woken late by a knock on the front door, a sleet soaked friend stood there and once again been caught getting up late and opening the front door wearing my dressing gown and all my sparkly gold nails on show. Here was an artist in distress, the poor thing has had cataract operation and can hardly see a need to photograph of some work pronto. We had hardly sat down to chat when a girlfriend turned up too, I ushered her in and left the two of them chatting while I made coffee, it was mid-morning coffee time after all. They may not come back in a hurry, biscuits have been banned from the house for the next couple of months while we try to reduce our bumps.

It was interesting doing something approaching work for the first time in a couple of months. It's less than 100 yards to the artist's studio mirror was an interesting challenge to photograph something under reflective glass in less than ideal conditions but it didn't take long, all being well these images will torment airline passengers in the foreseeable future advertising the companies sponsorship of a charitable event. Why can't I do work were a real money is involved! Anyway had a good time and sat around drinking coffee and eating his biscuits and putting the world to rights until it was time for a late lunch. Life is hard.

Yesterday looking at the town from across the river you would have thought you were looking at a town in the Arctic. We were fearing that the promised snow would cling like fury to the frozen ground where the frost has been getting thicker day by day but now it's all washed away and we have our usual winter dirty greyness. Just the sort of thing I like to make going into the darkroom of pleasure.

I have stopped dancing in the dark room, might teach yourself French on the iPod just doesn't lead itself to dancing to. I found the French discs in the darkroom when I was tidying up, quite how they got here I don't know since I haven't had a disc player in here for years. With a bit of luck some of this basic French will stick in my head and I won't spend the first three weeks trying to get my ear in when I arrive. I have now heard all the dialogue about how to change money into French francs, these discs must be ancient.


  1. Bonsoir Caroline. Il sera grand de causer à vous en français à votre exposition.

    J'espère que votre étude de la langue française fine est assez bonne pour avoir des discussions techniques en profondeur et des discussions sur une gamme des matières de la politique à l'art, musique au genre.

    Ayez une belle soirée.

    La bonne nuit et le dieu bénissent.


    Now just in case your French is not that good yet it says as follows.

    Good Evening Caroline. It will be great to chat to you in French at your exhibition.

    I hope that your learning of the fine French Language is good enough to have in depth technical discussions and debates on a range of topics from Politics to art, Music to gender.

    Have a lovely evening.

    Good night and god bless.


    ( I cheated I used a free translation page on the web!!!)

    Au revoir ( I knew that one)


  2. Interesting to hear someone speak of entering an actual darkroom...I miss Dad's!

    I hope you melt out from under whatever fell and things begin to green soon! Here they tell us we've had more snow than Buffalo, NY this winter; not a good sign at all!


  3. Caroline, banning biscuits from the house doesn't do any good, if you're going to go to your neighbor's house and eat theirs! ;-)

    Melissa XX

  4. Melissa, that was my breakfast!

    Caroline xxx

  5. Lisa, wow what French you have I thought, I shall never get to be that good, thank goodness you cheated. Perhaps I could get a translator for the ipod. The woman I am helping with her photography got one when she was stuck in hospital with a broken leg and could not understand the French hospital staff.

    Caroline xxx

  6. It's not the discs with Madame blanc singing in the bath, is it?

    I've been here 25 years now and still have difficulties, though I can hold a conversation. I wouldn't dream of writing a sentence without a member of the family within screaming distance.

    So you have the joys of a mammogram ahead of you... you will see that the machine of torture was so obvoiusly designed by a man.


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