Saturday, 13 February 2010

Snow drops are better than snow. This is the sign to tidy the garden for the new growth, all good exercise.

I was needed to help with something downstairs, I could hear a name being called but the brain was slow to react. It was not the name which makes me jump, it was a softer sound, oh heck, that's my name too!

Lost for words.


  1. So after all these years, Julie is finally recognizing you for the girl that you are. Amazing the changes that one little trip to a clinic can bring! Why is it that sometimes even our closest relations can't accept our word for what we are, but will believe the word of a guru at the drop of a hat?

    Love the picture! A sure sign that spring is just around the bend!

    Melissa XX

  2. Spring is coming. 2010 is a good year for you so far!

  3. Lady Caroline,

    It realy is the little things isn't it? When Lady K started adjusting to my changed name it would give me the chills! I think it's a level of acceptance that stirs the heart.

    I am, like the other ladies,thrilled for you:)

    Waiting to see the garden decked out for spring!

    My Deepest Affection,



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