Friday, 5 February 2010

Traditionally we use Seville oranges for our marmalade and as the years go by fewer people make their own and they arrive in smaller numbers, some years we miss them because that days delivery is sold out before we get there! I bought three kilos, which is lots of pounds for those not yet bilingual, and today we made the first batch.Last year my kitchen assistant was my 13 year old gardener sheltering from the cold and I have to admit she was more help than Julie who gets bored and tries to burn the bottom of the pan while I take a necessary break. At least she still has close focusing vision and can read her mothers handwriting, the bits which have not been eaten by bugs!


  1. I love old books like that!

    The marmalade looks good too.

  2. That looks like a well worn recipe book. I love marmalade, but I buy mine. I get the Polaner sugar free kind. Probably no where as good as yours.

    Melissa XX

  3. I've never noticed a dearth of Seville oranges hereabouts. Maybe there's more demand down here for home-made marmalade. I knew there was truth to the rumour that it's grim up north.

    We make vast amounts of pulp, freeze it and make small batches of marmalade through the year. More manageable that way.

  4. How great to have such a reciepie book in the family.


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