Thursday, 29 April 2010

A long and winding post

We've had a very sociable Sunday with friends round for lunch. The house is now full of dirty glasses and dishes which I guess is the price you have to pay for an afternoon of good food and good company. Most people know that I run a bit late getting ready for these things so try not to turn up right on time or they will find me dressed in rags. Today I've given myself 10 extra minutes so that I could get ready and slap on a top coat of blue paint on the nails to go with my new blue top. I hadn't reckoned on Elaine turning up 10 minutes early and I guess she wouldn't have if you hadn't turned up in her Porsche! Some of our friends have money whatever that it is! Oh well the illusion that I'm quite smartly turned out is ruined.

Today the mix of people was one which we had never had before, they got on so well over lunch at one point I went deaf with the noise of all the simultaneous animated conversations. Elaine regaled us all with stories of seven years living in Japan finishing with a disastrous last visit to see her son's family and contracting pneumonia than flying back with a first-class upgrade to try and get treatment at home only to find herself worse off than if she'd stayed in Japan. She was delighted to finally be out visiting people again. Another guest Jane was delighted to get a telephone call from her son saying that he'd finished in the top 20 of the London Marathon, she's especially happy since they're her genes since she used to be a marathon runner.

I think we ate too well, I put it down to the two desserts which were brought as gifts, this is the way to run a lunch party but needs a little fine tuning obviously. This evening I felt a little queasy, something I haven't felt for many years and part of me thought my end had come. Eventually the brain clicked in and said take something to settle the stomach and relax for a little while and that seems to have worked so I'm here for a little longer.

My new cast-off blue top, a silky velour tunic length, was a great success so I was happy, Julie less so when a gold filling came out whilst eating Turkish delight! That's going to be a challenge to get the dentist to fix it in under three weeks, dental services are really under pressure here even when you have a so-called private insurance. The first thing to be cut from our national health service is easily accessible dental care, if you're really lucky you can get on somebody's list and get really basic treatment. If the new dentist opens a practice on the National Health Service literally thousands of people will be camped in the street for days before the doors open to try and get signed up as a national health patient.

My ploy of buying a laptop for Julie to play with has not worked and she's pushed me off my iMac for days while simultaneously bemoaning the fact that I'm not doing what I should be doing on here with all my picture files! It's now Wednesday and she is now downstairs moaning that the screen is only a fraction of the size of this one and 101 other moans. She may as well have stayed here, all my attempts to sign up with a photo lab so that I could order the few colour prints from the comfort of my own home caused nothing but frustration all day and, three attempts before the site even accepted my signing in and despite following every instruction about clearing the cache and enabling the cookies whenever I tried the pictures over to the site and press upload nothing happens!

I think I'm cursed. Many of the things I dreamt about based on my science fiction reading as a child appear to have almost become reality, and to many people they hand over their credit card and carry off a new toy with glee plug it in and it works. For me, something of a fan of modern technology, have to try hard to find sufficient resources to purchase some of these new toys then no matter how much I paid for them once they enter my aura and their functioning becomes questionable! I used to buy top of the range camera equipment when I could honestly claim to be a photographer, without fail these magnificent machines from Nikon, Linhof or Leica all had minor malfunctions soon after they came out of the box! I used to be a fan of Henri Cartier Bresson, hence my buying the last Leica as a toy for my retirement, even this exquisitely manufactured mechanical toy seized solid while far from home on an island in the Atlantic and really far from any repair facilities. Cartier Bresson abandoned photography when he retired and concentrated on drawing, a sheet of paper and a pencil, what could go wrong? It's starting to look more tempting every day!

Back again hours later, hours wasted! I think I've proved that only the most incompetent people on earth are employed to set up Internet sites and the most stupid of them work on online photo sites. When I decided to give up yet again and try a third site, I am very stubborn, the first question asked at sign in was a compulsory question with the choice between Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms! Naturally the information is pointless, the other two sites didn't care so long as I had some money, so why did this well-known pharmacy chain feel that they needed to know. As a matter of principle I've never used any of these unless it was absolutely necessary so instead of trying to use that site which wouldn't tell me how much the prints would be anyway, I sent them an e-mail suggesting they think about their incompetence and lack of my business.

I think I have droned on long enough. I shall just say that the sticky patches seem to be working, the bumps appear to have started to firm up and I'm sensing the characteristic soreness reported by so many, there is also a more noticeable jiggle when going up and down stairs! I seem to be getting what I signed up for with no apparent side-effects. Next week I get a day off to visit the other side of the country for a chat at the clinic, I wonder if they'll be happy enough with my progress to take me off this training dose and prescribe something little more potent. We shall see.

A final welcome to Claire and Laura Who have taken my followers up to a giddy number.


  1. Long and winding, but entertaining, Caroline. I especially loved the comment about those employed to set up internet sites!

    Nice to hear the gender stuff is going OK.

    Calie xxx

  2. Well, you are obviously Ms. Caroline! When you order online, state your female name. When it come time to enter billing address, state your female name again. When it comes time to enter your credit card information, state your name as it is on your credit card. Your packages will come to you in the mail, addressed to Ms. Caroline R.....!

    I love the way you write! You make me feel as though I was right there with you and your girlfriends. Then I realize that I wasn't, and my vapid existence feels so inferior to yours. Still, I love the vicarious pleasure that I get from reading of your experiences!

    Melissa XX

  3. It's the curse of my industry that some of its practitioners have very little grasp of web site useability. They shoulda hired me instead!

  4. It's the curse of my industry that some of its practitioners have very little grasp of web site useability. They shoulda hired me instead!

  5. lol, My motto is that early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable. So if you are ever expecting me on your doorstep you can rest assured that I will happily volunteer to finish getting the table ready whilst you go and get out of the rags! A house full of dirty glasses and dishware is usually a sign of an enjoyable time, I am glad you had a good time with your company.

    I was on my "starter" dose for 90 days and then my doctor doubled it. I suspect that anything will work when you first begin, just to get things moving. I am trying not to be impatient, realistically after almost eight months now I suppose that "adequate" progress is being made. There is still a good deal of soreness so I guess something is going on.


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