Wednesday, 14 April 2010


I have just found the perfect way to cleanly remove my sticky patches, a session in the sauna! It was nearly two months since I have spent time there, first the light had broken and before I managed to fix it my toe nail was removed so since the sauna was off limits I had my ears pierced.

The studs had to stay in for six weeks with regular cleaning twice a day which I did without fail. In a sauna the studs would burn my ear lobes! Today time was up so I removed the studs to see if they had healed. It was quite a struggle to get the keeper off the back, not good at brute force! The left ear which I have been sleeping on is a little reddened and Julie says it has a slight discharge so I decided to try an hour of heat treatment while they were out then disinfect everything before putting the studs back. Not as easy as you might think first time round.

Guess if I am going to use the sauna in future I shall have to get it organised with my patch changing schedule! I shall also use a lower heat setting, without testosterone I thought it felt hotter but today now that I have the estradiol patches the old temperature felt unbearable and I felt light headed for a while so stepped out to cool down in the shower. Guess changes are happening!

The spring has almost settled, Sunday and Monday were positively hot. I finally managed to clean down and repaint a cousins garden fence, she seemed surprised by how carefully I was doing it, “as if it were my own!”, how else would I do it? A contribution to the holiday fund was made for my help so I have now earned more for painting fences than doing the work I used to do, should have gone into the fence painting business when I was fit and able! Time to do some work in my own garden before I abandon it to my teenage garden help.

Only a month before we set off so time to finish off some exhibition work before Julie starts to worry, posts may slow a little.


  1. Those little metal keepers that come with new studs are indeed a nuisance. I have another week and a half of healing to go on my second piercings and then the keepers will be replaced with the plastic type.

    What little work I have done in my garden this year is doing well. I have blossoms on my tomatoes already and surprisingly and bunch of seeds that were left from last year and have been sitting out in the garage for a year are actually sprouting. I do not know if I'll be in my house long enough to enjoy any of the fruits of my labor, but I felt guilty about having an empty garden.

  2. I hope your ear is doing better. An earring with a flatter profile than a stone stud (maybe a flat little heart?), might be less irritating to sleep on.

    Does the adhesive on your sticky patches irritate your skin? When I wore the bandaid on my strawberry for two weeks, the area under the sticky part got all red and irritated, to where is was looking almost as bad as the knee scrape itself.

    Sunny France is only a month away? How time flies. It seems like just yesterday we were mired in frigid winter misery.

    Melissa XX


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