Friday, 14 May 2010

May be gone a while.

Time just melted away, no pictures of unopened flowers in the garden due to chill spring weather or the carpets draped over parts of the veg garden to keep down the weeds for when we return.

Not sure how much I will be able to stay connected on the road, bit new for me so we shall see. Don't hold your breath I may be some time. Perhaps you need a rest from me! Still up trying to load music into laptop for the trip, time for bed.


  1. A rest from you? Never, sweetie! Your posts are like a ray of sunshine!

    Just wait till your French friends get a load of the new you! How nice that you will have Lisa and Lucy along for moral support! I just know that you are all going to have a ball! I can't wait to hear your reports. I certainly hope you can find a decent internet connection down there.

    Take care Caroline, and have a great time!

    Bon voyage!

    Melissa XXOO

  2. Have a safe trip and see you soon.

  3. Have a safe trip. Don't forget to wave as you drive past!

  4. Travel safe, Caroline.

    Calie xx


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