Saturday, 22 May 2010

Not quite my normal standard

This is just plain lazy I know but I am trapped with a sticky French pc keyboard in black which makes finding the keys hopeless so I have just stolen a chunk of an email which I have just sent. We are in the south now just getting organised and bitten by the bugs which are just about to be dried by the heat which has just started. So here goes:


Zut! Je suis attrapé avec un keyboad etrange et en France tout les chiffres sont caché, Clak Clak!

There that*s better!

Desastre! just tried to plug in the two pin epilator in a two pin country and it does not fit! With all this sunlight and shorts I can see a real need to harvest NOW. There were two days of spring, my niece complains that she has no chance to wear spring clothes! and already it is summer, must find some high factor suncream.

1200 miles to get to see Alain again and this time nobody would come to help even to make the appointment.

My french is really bad but you are supposed to chat to your hairdresser that much I know! Last year he thought I was female when we went to make the appointment, no wonder I like him. We chatted about what really was going on and the countryside full of wild flowers because of the late spring and the psychology and joy of hairdressing! We came to a point where he held the scissors frozen in mid air and said from this next cut this is feminine, I just gave a big smile and on he went. No I have semi fringe to help hide the widow*s peak and some long dangly bits which he said could look Geisha like if I put my hair up! The whole thing feels so different my smile keeps on and on.

What a dull coming out tour this is turning out to be. Everyone else gets to write screeds of anguish and everyone abandons them and they end up penniless and alone.

All I get is " that*s great, so what*s different! "

At this point I should have a turmoil of regret, remorse etc for having wasted so much time and opportunity but that would have been the old tormented me, this new me just gets on with the life and time I have. this is the greatest surprise of all.

Still lots of preparations for the exhibition and visitors who start to arrive in a few days, they are going to find the dead wifi even more frustrating. Using this pc makes me feel eugh! I think I may try and steal a chunk of this message to make a quick post to let the world know that I am still alive.

PS, early french potatoes are to die for!


  1. Ahh, too bad! No remorse, regret... what is a girl to do?

    It sounds like unfamiliar technology seems to be enough frustration for now. You reminded me of a trip to Mexico. The keyboards at the resort had no "@" key.

    Thanks for letting us know how alive you are.


  2. I have exactly that; a black, French keyboard - perfectly normal.

    I hope that we will soon see a picture of your new haircut.

    It is true summer has just arrived, cold to hot in less than a week.

    Thank for testing the spuds, they will be on my next shopping list!

  3. Ah, the French, enjoy your freedom and new found liberation.

  4. Have a great time, sweetie, but get some insect repellent and sunscreen! We don't want to see that pretty soft skin, all blistered and covered with bites!

    Melissa XX

  5. so happy you like your new hair hun
    only 2 weeks until me and Lisa come over :-)


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