Thursday, 17 June 2010

I was a great disappointment to my father, no real surprise there.

Yesterday we were out for lunch, research purposes only you understand, then off into the countryside to find some interesting wines for the restaurant my French relations run.

We went to Beziers about an hour away, a city on the top of a hill but they still managed to create a wide long promenade shaded by plane trees in the centre where by some miracle we found two parking places close together. The French can be quite civilized at times and often do not charge for parking at lunchtime! This was such a place but we paid a little to give us a relaxing time with no rush back to the cars. Last time we came here we parked much further away and lost the car!

Christian and Louis strode on ahead. In a flash it suddenly struck me what a father son relationship could have been and I took a quick snap to try and capture the moment with the two of them so comfortable together. Later that evening they were playing ball kick together inspired no doubt by all the balls being kicked on TV at the moment.

A moments sadness for a father who was always distant and for a relationship I never wanted! I did not have one to replace it with my mother either though my sister did tell me recently that she was a strong supporter for me against my frustrated fathers wishes for his strange “son”. For some reason she did not show this support to me directly.

A week from now we shall be on our way back home though not in a great rush. It looks like the warm weather we expected to find here will start as soon as we leave!

I have no idea why everything keeps getting under lined!


  1. at last a photo of the elusive Louis even if it is from behind!

    The reserach for that lovely food and wine must have been very hard work!

    As for your father, what a shame he could recognise the wonderful and talanted person you are.

    I hope the last week does not pass to quickly for you hun :-)

  2. You have sunshine??

    That food looks wonderful.

    I was a disappointment to my father. I wasn't a boy - he had to wait a few years before he had a son, but I don't think that their relationship was that special.

  3. Those photos of food are making me want to come back!
    I wish you both a safe trip home. The good weather is here at the moment so hopefully you will see some sun when you get back.

  4. You get lots of sympathy from me, concerning your relationship with your parents. I always felt like I was a big disappointment to my parents too. Things started to go south for me as soon As I developed a personality. It seems that my sense of self, didn't quite jive with the expectations my parents, and particularly my mother had for me. They were of a generation that didn't recognize a child's right to their own life. They seemed to think that because you were their offspring, that you were supposed to conform to whatever they wanted you to be, regardless of how unsuitable it was for you.

    Lovely pictures! It's no wonder that you have your work on display! I think I love looking at pretty pictures of food, almost as much as I love eating it.

    Those long wide tree lined boulevards, are one of the things I miss the most, about not living in Europe. The French were always good at that, and left that tradition in their colonies. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has beautiful tree lined boulevards like that.

    Melissa XX

  5. the pictures!

    Sorry about the relationship with your father. I can relate.

    Calie xxx


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