Friday, 23 July 2010

independent life-forms

I have never been overtly excited by breasts, there is the esthetic pleasure and pleasure in a touch but nothing you could really call lust. For preference I would have to vote for smaller rather than larger though I doubt that will have small breasted girls shouting out a loud yea! 
I keep bumping into things! I protrude a little but that little has not yet been programmed into my spatial awareness and each bump is sore as hell. Each day is a series of ouch, ouch moments as I turn without thinking or pick up something without thinking, I am going to learn to do a lot of thinking!
In the mirror they do not look much, a pert small handful at most but looking down with a more extreme perspective they are beginning to take on more of a dramatic presence. They can hardly be ignored as they take on their independent course in this life vaguely connected to this body but reacting to gravity and body movement slightly out of phase to the rest of me. An ever increasing everyday reminder that this journey is well on it’s way and far beyond any point of no return. Once started there was never going to be a return just the occasional moment of regret creeping in that it has taken so long to set off on this obvious path.


  1. Yeah, that view from above is always more impressive. :)

  2. It is quite a moment to see from above. It takes time to get used to the fact that they are there.

  3. Gee, I never really thought of them as being independent life forms. Though they do seem to have a mind of their own as far as growing is concerned. They're not paying any attention at all to my plan, sometimes they seem to not be talking to each other either.

    And as far as spatial awareness goes I don't even have a good grasp on just where my toes are at all the time, I guess my poor breasts are in for a hurtful life.

  4. "I am going to learn to do a lot of thinking!"
    I hope the thinking is going well.
    :- )


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