Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Grand day out.

Today we had a grand day out.
I had to be in Glasgow for midday for my GIC appointment with the doctor I saw on my first visit back in February and had not seen me since. I made quite a bit more effort with my appearance than usual, it is something like going on a date I guess, not that I ever got much chance to ever do that. Blood test results went with me so he was able to see that everything was well within limits the rest was chatting about how I felt about the changes, how others had reacted to me, life the universe and everything…
Any surgery which may happen is what seems like for ever in the future but we are now agreed that is where I am hoping to go with this health, funding etc permitting. A year plus used to seem like a long time but at my age they seem to flash past so I am not going to think to much about it. If I get a date I shall not post a countdown on the blog because it would drive me crazy, I loath waiting and when younger did not let on that my appendix was playing up for fear of being on a two year waiting list, an emergency admission worked a treat! Don’t think I can pull that one off this time.
I had dropped Julie off at Kelvingrove museum where she bumped into old work acquaintances when heading for the galleries so was happy while I walked over to the clinic. 

Once we met up again our destination was “The House For an Art Lover” built to drawings by local architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh who is most famous for his Glasgow Art School. This house was only built in the mid 90’s though it had been designed in 1901 for a German design competition.
Somehow we had never got round to fitting in a visit so took advantage of today’s clinic timing to book a table for lunch, thank goodness we did, it was full when we arrived and stayed that way. Food was excellent and service from a young service team was impeccable. House was interesting too!
While sitting in the walled garden afterwards I suggested we call friends who live in the middle of the country and could be visited with minimal diversion perhaps missing out some of the interminable roadworks with average speed cameras for the 40 mph limit. I nearly lost concentration with so little visual input! One of the couple had gone to Berlin for a few weeks to paint. Again! George gave us drinks and biscuits out in the sunshine while we caught up on news from the last few months. Generally he was more shocked about our friends divorce than about my change of circumstances, shame his wife was not home though, I am sure she would have squealed with delight and squeezed me half to death. I was looking forward to her reaction!

Chat went on till mid evening before the chill forced us to give up the garden and decide to head home. The run home is a quiet fifty miles of near empty country roads at the foot of a line of south facing hills, hardly another car on the road and it was a joy to be driving the twisty route through the rolling harvest landscape.
Twelve hours round trip in almost summer weather till a few miles from home when everything got wet again!


  1. If you get a date, don't you dare keep that joy away from us! The last thing I want to see, is a surprise post from Caroline one day, announcing that that the deed has been done!

    "The House For Art Lovers”, save for its sash windows, and lack of dormers, definitely shows an early 20th century German influence. Not so sure about the inside, which looks more suitable for a tea party with Alice and the Mad Hatter!

    Melissa XX

  2. Well you certainly understand CRM style, the Germans loved him but the Brits found him and his wife who collaborated on the risqué sensuous decorations a bit outré.

    Now he is all the rage with watered down versions of his work on everything, called mockintosh by those who find it all a bit too much!

    Check out his latter water-colours mostly done in the area of France we visit.

  3. Sounds like a great day out. The restaurant sounds so nice and if you say the food is good I am sure having eaten at yours then it will be really good.

    Did you have a professional photgrapher take those photos !!

  4. the time will pass very quickly to your op date, you will be suprised at how fast the time will speed by.
    I want to visit that house, I love Mackintoshs designs and perhaps I could fit it around a trip to see you and Clara?


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