Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A post with pictures!

Seems I don’t post enough snaps here, I have had complaints! So for a change here are some, it’s not as if I don’t take out the electronic image gathering device every so often and record something which I think would amuse or interest you it is just once it has been done in my head job done! Does not help that I waste all my time reading and commenting on your posts!
What have I been up to? Garden is going like crazy with all the rain this year and to show that I have no embarrassment at the state of the veg patch a wide shot including the tumble down victorian summerhouse is here. The rot had set in long before I got involved but enough of it was good to keep it standing, just.

Some of you pick blackberries but here they pick brambles which this year I half trained up canes before abandoning the place for six critical weeks. It has done wonders for the crop and they were amongst the recent harvest and a good excuse to invite friends and family round for a meal. Tarted the presentation up a bit with a cut glass crystal bowl with silver rim as one does.

Sartorial elegance is not a concern in the garden as you can see by the thirty year old boots, may have to change them soon because the laces have finally broken and o yes the souls hardly hang on any more! Sorry about the old lady legs, I really do have no shame, I was enjoying a well earned rest and drink.
So there is a glimpse of life in my little paradise, and a few photos too boot!


  1. two boot? very cute.

    Your still-life photo-shoot is great. Thanks for the trip back to the UK. Nobody over here in Canada has gardens quite like yours; close, but not quite.

  2. Wow, what a great garden! It puts mine to shame!!

  3. It looks so green and overflowing. Those boots look too comfortable to throw away.

  4. You do have a lovey garden. Do you have a power tiller, or do you have slave away each spring with a pick and shovel? Is that rhubarb I see, with great big crinkly leaves?

    Some poor homeless person is going around barefoot, because you stole his shoes! I thought by now, you would have some cute fuchsia garden clogs.

    Melissa XX

  5. Thanks for posting up the nice photos. What a wonderful garden! I didn't do one this year and really miss it. The labor involved makes everything taste so much better doesn't it?

    Enjoy your harvest. :)

    <3 Tina

  6. Lovely harvest! I didn't plant my garden this year either, mostly due to recovery running well into spring. Next year, back to it!

  7. Looking at those pictures its about time i popped up for dinner again!

  8. they are lovely photos huni and your garden looks lovely

  9. Why does everything in the garden come at once? By the end of the week we will be sick of plums!

    I must find some glue and save the boots, at the moment my toes are black after wearing them so much soil gets through.

    If Melissa wants to send me new garden clogs my size is UK 10 EU 45! otherwise it is my old boots for the foreseeable future.

  10. Oh, Caroline! I L*O*V*E your garden!!! So....English! Thanks for sharing.

    And your blog? Well, I love it too.

    Calie xxx


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