Sunday, 5 September 2010

day out.

A trip out to the big city. Found a shop for long and tall girls who sometimes seem to have larger than average feet! For once fell lucky with 30% off marked prices and some of those were already reduced to make way for the new autumn stock. I helped them by buying a couple of pairs of pumps in a size I have never seen in a shop in my life! Cost less than our lunch too. Fab cotton shirt fell into the bag as well for next to nothing, count this as a success.
This is about the colour of the satin pair. And the shirt base colour.


  1. Happiness is a new pair of shoes! Two new pairs of shoes is euphoria! Can we expect to see pictures?

    Melissa XX

  2. I know that feeling! Sadly in my case it's reserved for bloke shoes. :)

    Well done for finding stuff on sale. LTS carry Magnus shoes, you might wish to detour from the motorway near Northampton next time you are Dahn Sarf, to have a look at the Mother Lode.

  3. Just to have a pair of shoes which fit, just to have a pair of shoes!, is purrrrrrrfect.

    I did a fashion parade for Julie last night and it brought back memories of being sent out to buy a pair of shoes before leaving to come to university in Scotland. I had already settled into sandals as non gender specific and got into a really bad mental state trying on shoes even with my sister finally going to make sure I actually got into a shop! I was tempted by a pair with Cuban heels but could not even bring myself to buy something half girlie because of what it would say to the world. When I got to my digs in Scotland the other student staying there had those shoes so even though I had almost decided being away from home would allow me to get them how could I now?

    I have lived in sandals ever since!

  4. I hope we can see a pic too. My sister always had problems finding shoes, at one time the manufactureres seemed to think your feet grew all your life and only frumpy old ladies had big feet. Purple shoes - lovely.


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