Sunday, 19 September 2010

Life returning to normal , whatever that is.

You are going to have to hum or whistle a tune since it would be a crime to actually play any music with this. That's what blogger says.

Many months have passed since I last made this walk. Originally the cycle path was blocked for months by workmen slowly rebuilding a stone wall then we went away to France and I have not been in the mood to try this walk when the weather has been so wet and the woodland sections can become messy to traverse.

Walking clears my head and with luck will help wear off an inch or two from round my middle, a waist would be nice.

Autumn is definitely on it's way with the leaves starting to turn colour and rustle in the breeze, some even falling alongside the spinning seed cases. The harvest has been in full swing for a while now, these fields are mostly now out to contract rather than being worked by those who know them well. A potato team is seen taking a break about two thirds of the way through.

My route is first out of town along the cycle path set on an old railway bed, I pestered my local councillor till it was first upgraded with stone chips then tarmac  was laid when she grabbed some spare cash from the system. From that path parallel to the rive I head up a serpentine Victorian walk once planted with rhododendrons and passing an old over grown ornamental pond. It had been in the grounds of a Georgian country house demolished about twenty years ago. I once spoke to an old lady who remembered horse drawn carriages arriving at the house for a Ball, now just a pile of stones. Once over the hill I come out into a wide expanse of farmland extending towards the sea. the narrow path which follows this section is the old "coffin road" alongside the stream leading back into the town. The distance covered I have forgotten but it should not take the hour forty minutes I took today playing with the electric image device. I should do this more often, I have been staying too close too Julie and going at her pace and not getting enough exercise. This walk is now beyond her as is the roughness of the terrain.

Neck still giving discomfort but showing signs of recovery which is cheering me up. This should show that I do not live in abject misery and have an easy escape into the fresh air If I choose  to get out.


  1. you people in the UK do not realise how GREEN everything looks. What a lovely walk. Not only is walking good exercise but it's good for the soul too.

  2. What lovely a countryside you have there, and perfect for nice long walk. Although I live out in the country, we don't have public pathways through fields like that. Everything here is private property, so you have to stick to the main roadways and streets through neighborhoods. I remember when I was still a teenager, taking a long walk through fields like that in Germany. It was late summer and I passed through an apple orchard. The trees were loaded with apples, and I was a bit hungry, so I couldn't resist plucking one and eating it. Suddenly an apple went whizzing past my head, and landed on the ground in front of me. I turned around and saw a farmer shaking his fist in the air, and shouting something indecipherable at me. Apparently he was none too pleased with me stealing one of his apples.

    Melissa XX

  3. What a lovely area you live in! Thanks for the slide show. And enjoy walking! Hope the weather continues to cooperate.


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