Monday, 6 September 2010

make a sentence containing the words scum and police.

After a miserable youth tormented by police for no other reason than not being “like them!” I had settled into middle age only occasionally bothered by police stupidity, where do they get their recruits?
In two days I have heard horrifying stories of appalling police behavior in places I go, clearly this can only be the tip of the iceberg and it has to be deeply ingrained in the system to have happened at all.
In one case a mature woman (genetic) was arrested one evening for a non arrest-able offence, not told to phone for legal representation, taken to the cells and made to strip in front of three male officers then in the middle of the night set free and told to walk home!
Because she did not wish to repeat her humiliation she now has a police record because she pleaded guilty against her solicitors advice just to be out of there!
I found out this happened at the beginning of the year since when she has not been able to look after her relative and now the state pays thousands for social work to do it!
Nobody can tell me these thugs only did this once and nobody knows about it. Women are suffering and it can’t be stopped because they cannot bring themselves to be further humiliated and the perpetrators know this!!
In another area a gay couple who worked for friends have been hounded out of the village where they have been living for years. Regularly all their tyres would be slashed and they were often subject to abuse. Police refused to accept these reports even when their brake lines were cut! A little case of attempted murder, nah, not interested!
A support group gets involved and the village is shamed in the press, it just got worse. They have been driven out to a city loosing home work and friends.
The police wonder why they are thought of as untrustworthy scum. 
Well I have no idea


  1. When I was young, I was harassed by policethugs on several different occasions, while minding my own business, simply because I wore my hair long.

    Elly of Ellysedgeoflife wrote of her recent police harassment on her blog this past weekend. your can read about it here:

    There are many decent police, but there are also some who think nothing of abusing their power. Small town and county cops seem to be the worst, although one of the cops who harassed me was a Washington D.C. beat cop, who accused me of crossing a street on a red light, when I clearly stood at the curb and waited for the light to turn green!

    Melissa XX

  2. There seems to be a hard core in the UK police at least that believe the law is what they say it is. It's as though they are setting out to alienate the public, one by one.

    My wife was surprised when she first came to the UK to find that we don't trust the police, where she comes from they haven't fallen out of love with theirs yet.

  3. I've been hearing dreadful stories about the police in the UK too. Like a woman being beaten up and the police staying in their car to watch - health and safety at work possibly.

    What happened to the friendly local policeman who everyone coud trust?


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