Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Went to visit my friend Betty today and took a bottle. Nothing unusual in that except today was more than putting the world to rights lubricated with coffee and cake.
We did that but not before we filled in and witnessed my official name change document. Then and only then did we open my last bottle of champagne!
In the UK you can call yourself just about anything you want but thats not much good if you want a new passport, then you have to get serious and do something more positive. A sheaf of notarised copies will be back with me in a few days time so if I go quiet for a while I am just buried under paperwork.
When I posted the signed document back to get the copies I thought I would ask for a passport renewal form at the post office where they have been available my whole life but no more! I think I should have done this whole process a while ago to have a chance of a last quick visit to France before the weather becomes too cold to really enjoy. I suspect the prices will rise as we get nearer any departure date, missed the figs season anyway.
There is little family left that I care about but I certainly did not want to make the official change before my sisters had become comfortable with the idea especially since I was abandoning my original family name. One of my sisters had retained her old name after her marriage and took a while longer to understand my desire to move on.
So there you have it, I am now officially the person you have always known. Sorry bit of an anti climax there.


  1. Congratulations Caroline officially! Nine months later I am still not done with all of the paperwork for every place where I need to change my recorded name. My passport is next on the list. When I changed my name I picked an entirely new one also. I have not heard any negative feedback from the family about giving up my surname, I'm not sure if it was simply not a big deal or if they are just not saying anything about it.

  2. It's certainly a decisive step. I eventually had a list of 80-90 people or bodies that I needed to inform. I tackled the financial and household ones first.

    Names are a big issue. When Lucy Melford made her public debut in December 2008 it was of course pre Deed Poll, but I knew that this was the name I'd henceforth be wearing for the rest of my life. Neither the 'Lucy' nor the 'Melford' had any family connections, and that was deliberate. I didn't want anybody to think that I had insulted the memory of anyone living or dead, even if my reason for using their name was based on fondness or respect. People are so sensitive. It was better to adopt a name that had nothing to do with my family. But as you say, even that can cause controversy. Dad certainly knew of 'Lucy Melford' before he died. Not sure about Mum; I'm assuming that Dad told her; I certainly didn't myself, because she rejected the notion that I was transsexual and not the son she had known, and the matter was never discussed before she died. I can however say that nobody in my wider family had ever criticised my new name, which is nice, even though my transition has been negatively received in most quarters.


  3. Congratulations, official Caroline!

    Sometimes I wish I had changed my surname, especially considering that my immediate family have been, well, less than receptive to the change. I suppose I could go through the name change all over again, as women often do when they get married, but I think I'll just get all this finished for now.

    And I am not ashamed! My name goes back 400 years to one of the first settlers in Quebec. I consider that I have honoured that name.

  4. Congratulations, Caroline! I'll bet that was an exceptionally enjoyable glass of champagne. I hope you can get your new passport soon enough to make it to France one more time this autumn.

    Melissa XX

  5. Sorry for my late congratulations. So much going on at the moment and I dont seem to have any time at all. But I think I did congratulate you in our last chat!
    Hope to speak soon to bring you up to date.

  6. Toasting you with Bordeaux rosé - congratulations!


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