Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Pictures at an exhibition

Cast your minds back to the early summer when my posts were few and far between while I was away in the south of France. You have probably forgotten that as part of my coming out I made an exhibition of photographs of French subjects in the old chapel gallery near where my wife’s sister has settled to live. Many friends came considerable distances when they heard that the after opening party was to be in the restaurant next door to the house and cooked by my brother in law. They may have been interested in the photographs or the location I’m not exactly sure.
If you have four minutes of your life too waste here is a movie, naturally done on a still camera! I asked someone to walk around the outside of the building first then through the show and back out again. This is the third attempt to upload and is only at resolution for the blog. Tuff.
This was made towards the end of the opening when there was room to move, that’s why nobody is looking at the walls anymore, honest!


  1. Funny, a noisy hall full of people talking, sounds the same in French as it does in English.

    I liked your pictures, or at least what I could see of them.

    Melissa XX

  2. No closeups and no lingering, eh? :) But a few shots of the auteur herself! It's such a sound contrast between outside and inside. So noisy in the hall!

    The food never lasts long does it. :)

    Congratulations on having another showing! And thanks for letting us peek in.

  3. It was like a miniature version of Russian Ark :-)

    Hope you're cold is starting to go away.

    Rachel XXX

  4. Yes Caroline this was a wonderful post. The lead in with the birdsong reminded me of a song of ascension to a temple on a mount. And at the summit, a secular communion/communication between the artist, the art, and her audience. I enjoyed this immensely, and at last have managed to see a little more of your work......re-reading that I realise can be a bit too precious sometimes, but I'll let it stand, as my response to sun, art and obvious respect and friendship in the gathering for the artist.

    On a less serious note....is that the archimandrake of Jerusalem on the terrace before the door? Or just a venerable gentleman with a beard?

  5. It was nice getting to see your pics in situ. Wish I could see them in high-def... the birds sounded v homely, sparrows and pigeon!

  6. It was interesting to see you and your pictures. Did the exhibition have a theme?

  7. Somebody spotted me in the video, I must have another look!

    Claire I think you have spotted Andre, also a photographer who had a show here about ten years ago just before his sight started to fail, like most locals his religion is food and drink and we have a service at least once every visit.

    Anji, they were just pictures I have taken on trips through France. I guess I will have to post some of them here for your criticism but remember it is about the print as much as the picture for me.

    Melissa, it was like the united nations in there with folk from Hawaii, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and a dozen from the UK at least that I knew of plus many French.

    Rachel, I had forgotten about that film which I have never had a chance to see, my request was to make it in the style of Kubrick who loved long tracking shots and championed the steady cam.

  8. Are you telling me that's not you chatting with the guy with the grey beard at about 2:15 of the video?

  9. I realised I've used up my quota of pretentiousness for this year....I must remember to only comment when I've got my regular head on....Just meant to say I loved the whole feeling of ...ah I said it last time.
    Still I'm a bit disappointed that you're not befriended by the patriarchs of the mystic East. However Food and drink is the religion of France.

  10. Veronica, I think you could be right. Perhaps I should restrict myself to occasional stills.

    Caroline xxx

  11. .. Oh that is a pity.

    I was looking forward to the fly on the wall documentary. :-)

    Rachel XXX


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