Sunday, 12 September 2010

time to get posting

The paper work begins. Certified copies of my name change deed poll document arrived in the post and no doubt the post will be busier than usual in the next few weeks as I work through all the agencies where name changes are necessary in the modern age.
The first complete change was done while we were away for the weekend. Out of practice, it took ages to pack and then we forgot to take important things with us like the keys to the flat where we were staying! I had the new key to the apartment but Julie forgot the keys to the building. I tried getting the keys from a neighbour but only the teenage kids were in and I had changed so much since I had last seen them a few years ago they did not recognise me, we went for a coffee and cake round the corner and waited for the mother to return and Julie tried the second time and spare keys were handed over. A hard days exhibition visiting was hard work and Julie was almost prepared to say that she had had enough and drive home after visiting friends for the evening but we stayed over as planned.
Several of the exhibitions were festival exhibitions near the end of their run and costly to enter. Being friends of the galleries we get in by waving our cards, if we bother to take them! I knew where the strange small building with the organisation offices are so drove there and squeezed into the tiny parking space while Julie went in to try and get a new copy of her card. Being terribly nice people this was no problem, just one more thing while they were at it she asked,” this other card in my husband’s name, could you change it to Ms C****** R****** please?”. “I am sure we can deal with that”, and it was done in a flash. 
Clearly what was once front page news has become so mundane and common place most reasonable educated people now take it for granted even if they don’t know each and every intricate detail of the problem and it’s treatment. Someone arriving and saying that their husband has transitioned to a woman does not cause them to even miss a heartbeat.
Hardly a day goes by without someone else turning up and being in the circle of friends who need to know, many more than I realised! Nobody has had a bad reaction, nobody.
At the same time very few thought I was anything more than an eccentric very feminine male which is fair enough since I suppose that is the way I presented and never directly gave cause for them to think outside the regular norms, now they wonder why they never made the leap of imagination. The most surprising really is my friend Alison who kills my unwanted hairs. Over the last few years we have grown close,  I was at her wedding and was really one of the girls with the other two from the salon and the countless hours of physical contact and chat has been about as close as you can get to someone without…
I had to apologise for not saying anything earlier but she understood, I pointed out that since it was time to have another go on the hairy circle round my nipples she was about to find out anyway! Before I turned up she had been working for countless years but had never had another transexual come in and need so much work, just shorter sessions of smaller areas. Together we built up the length of sessions as she built up her stamina so she was ready when someone else finally knocked on her door a couple of years ago. She was younger and much more girlie than me so did not fire off any alarm bells about me, I guess often talking about having a wife puts people off the track! Through conversation about the other client we got round to the final frontier, hair between the legs! Yes she had done that for this other person and it would be no problem if the time comes to go there. What a relief! It could have been a tricky question to ask of a friend. Not that either of us would be embarrassed about doing it, it is just that awkward moment asking! 
At least our chatting will be easier if and when we go down there!
When I left after making my appointment Alison went back into the house to tell Mike her husband that she had just heard something interesting, “C******’s changing into a woman” he said immediately!


  1. Well, well. You could have done all this some years earlier, if you'd known what little surprise it would have caused! But how could you have guessed?

    Nice to see you getting such positive reactions, Caroline.


  2. I must wish you'd done this years ago. Isn't it lovely when you realise just how many nice people there are in the world?

  3. Surely after all of those hours of zapping hairs, she must have had some notion of what you were up to.

    Glad to hear you were able to secure a key to the building. Sleeping in the car would have ruined the weekend.

    Melissa XX


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