Saturday, 30 October 2010

Internet is dead

The net is dead in town tonight, fingers crossed that it comes back online without trouble.
Trying to sort things out to some order between the laptop and desktop  machines. If I had some training or if I was more tidy it would help.
My decision to get myself into a better shape has started well with willpower to control food and exercise taken on foot and bike. The car has taken a fortune to get through the MOT test, full annual service and a new set of tyres, two months spending money gone in one. The tyres were the easiest, instead of driving about dirty greasy tyre depots for a good price I did a net search and a mobile service came out cheapest and most convenient. They called to say exactly when they would turn up and arrived with a neat workshop in a van. I made the mistakes of being really helpful putting the car into the neighbours parking area for flat off road convenience then asked a few questions about the setup all the while towering over the poor guy. When my neighbour came home two hours early she was surprised to find the work going on and was told that “the guy” across the road had told him to work there! I was working in the garden wearing old rags too so what can I expect? Can’t win them all!
I thought we could get rid of a load of old books, not the really old ones of course, and make some room on the shelves for the piles of books which keep forming all over the place. Three large shopping bags were carried off to a charity book sale in a country house where we got  lunch and chat and came back with two bags full of different books! Not a single real space on the shelves had appeared and we still have the piles!!
I am clearly in need of more trips out for walks to increase my fitness and burn a few calories. I walked in the opposite direction to the recent slideshow walk and headed out of town and along the beach towards the point. There were a lot of dog walkers on the early section trying their best to foul up the place, this time of year is by far the worst when usual well behaved owners decide with a change of weather of hours of darkness that they too can be antisocial **********!
Further on there are the bird watchers and serious walkers and occasional couples wandering hand in hand. One couple were busy photographing each other on the old war time defenses, they did not want to be in a picture together when I offered! The weather has been more from the east in recent years and has caused great changes to the dunes in the estuary cutting into the forrest in places. The tide was fairly high causing some diversions into the trees then back to the beach to the point where there is a “site of special scientific interest”, at one time the fastest accumulating land in Europe. I finally got out of the shade of the woods and looked over to the army training grounds on the opposite shore where I used to wander when I first came north forty years ago. Few were prepared to make the six mile trek along the beach, the flags indicating firing in progress put a lot of people off. The huge dunes on that point were my private place where I could go and swim and sunbathe naked with little chance of being found, whole squads of soldiers would occasionally do exactly the same in the summers. Getting home could be a bit risky when they decided to a little rifle practice hours after I had passed the unraised warnings and found bullets whizzing just above my head as I hugged the dune line just in front of he targets! The photographs of me in the dunes like Edward Weston nudes in the dunes at Oceano were purged long ago much to my regret. 140 lbs is now just a dream.
At last my new driving license arrived, the photograph ritually wrecked by the worlds worst scanner / printer combination in the world but I am recognisable. 
I knew that my medical records must have been changed with new names and number when a new bowel cancer test kit arrived! **** is one of the things I loath so this was not too enjoyable to play with but foe three days I took the samples and sent them off to establish something in my new name with only an insignificant error to their statistics. Several days afterwards the new documentation arrived. Week by week my identity gains in strength and the old one fades into obscurity, when I came across a small image ,two inches square, Of a guy with a neat beard on the chin for a moment it seemed to be a stranger but soon I was staring at this image trying to imagine that it was once me with that semi haunted look in my eyes.
Not a glimmer of light from the telephone exchange building which is just seen from my back window, clearly they have no idea that some of us are here in the early hours of the morning, guess I should start reading those books.

Seems one piece of equipment failed in Edinburgh, fifty miles away. Thought the net was supposed to go round problems and find a way. Reading was fun, perhaps I should do more of it and less of this...

Working on another slideshow of the walk to the point but not quite finished.


  1. It sounds quite exciting dodging all those bullets!

    Its great to hear you are working on your fitness as it has many benefits both physically and emotionally. Mind you I would not have said you look overweight.
    I have to say 140lbs is only a pipe dream for me to and I am vertically challenged!

  2. You must have had a death wish, to walk along that beach! Your story of the bullets whizzing over your head, reminds me of the infiltration course I had to low crawl through in basic training. It was at night, and every fifth round the machine guns fired over our heads, was a glowing red tracer. I hugged the ground like a snake! It was a surreal experience. As I approached the machine guns, I could actually feel the pressure from their muzzle blasts on my face.

    I see you got back on line. All is well that ends well!

    Melissa XX

  3. You're determined to make me wear my reading glasses, aren't you. :)

  4. Another one who does not like my font!

    If I have to wear them to type it it is only fair that you have to wear them to read it.

    I am a little overweight and would like to loose some for health and mobility reasons. Sure the nurse will tell me so when I go in to have my blood results review tomorrow! About nine pounds down since the summer and starting to feel a lot better. Never again going to be skin and bones like I was when the bullets flew overhead.

    Caroline xxx

  5. Ariel.

    An evil angel and pagan god?

    Caroline xxx

  6. I thought Ariel was a good angel and a Disney character!

    As for the font, it's not so much the Script typeface (although something other than Script would be luverly) as the fact that the point size seems to be diminishing. Pretty sure it used to be larger. But maybe it's just my tired old eyes.


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