Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A week with a visitor.

What has life thrown at me recently? The end of an era occurred when the last remaining colour film, all balanced for tungsten lighting for photographing artworks in controlled conditions was finally turfed out. This stuff was magical and I was so completely in harmony with it all slight adjustments to exposure were instinctive to each piece of work and in the last couple of decades hardly ever missed an exposure. I saved a fortune on film, I knew people who made several exposures of everything, I only made two identical exposures “just incase” if I had traveled a long way to do a job. What a waste  that was and what a waste sending this last  box of film to the dump.

With the imminent arrival of my sister in law I decided to tidy the bathroom. Truth be known it was getting dark in there, not in the day so much but at night the light was buried in amongst the branches. It has been slashed right back but may have to be removed since the tray beneath the pot it grows in has started to leak through to the kitchen beneath, not sure how to go about fixing this.

A reconnoitre of the beach seemed a good idea when we got a bright sunny windless day. This could have been one of the requested trips out when Yanna arrived, she chose to go seeking fungi in the woods instead!

A day in the highlands took us to Aberfeldy and a visit to an old college friend of Yanna’s. Her new painting studio was too good for purpose and is now let out for holidays for most of the year. We talked for hours round the cosy new stove guarded by an even newer dog.

On the way home we passed through Dunkeld on the river Tay just as the light started to fade and later passed a friends new bobbin sculpture with night time illumination. A photograph had been promised so timing was perfect.

Another of Yanna’s college friends was having an exhibition at the country house gallery where I have been exhibiting  recently so we visited via the harbour at Arbroath for a “fish supper”

Half a century ago a Pictish carved stone was uncovered in the fields near the gallery and now sits in their covered courtyard

On Yanna’s last day with us yet another old college friend arrived for a lunch visit. In the last four years since we last saw Fiona she has shed her motherly image and reinvented herself as a svelt curvy thing complete with new partner making us look quite frumpy!

Now we are on our own once again and facing the start of the autumn chill and evenings closing in. Enjoy this post, no more excitement planned for a while.


  1. fish supper washed down with Irn Bru, of course... lordy, those fish and chips look good! -nice travelogue. The pictish stone looks ever so slightly scary.

  2. What a lovely post, Caroline! I'm afraid your pictures put mine to shame, but then you are a professional photographer,and I'm just a rank amateur.

    No wonder your bathroom was so dark. You had had forest of ficus and bamboo growing in there. At least that's what it looked liked. Could a new pan under the pot solve the ceiling leakage you described? By the way, the new windows look wonderful!

    You can tell your lovely svelte red haired friend, that your other friend Melissa, thinks that she's the bee's knees!(in US slang, that's quite a compliment)

    Great pictures! It's so nice to get a glimpse into the lives of those we love.

    Melissa XX

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  4. @ Dru

    I meant to say something about those delicious looking fish and chips too! I only wish we could get them here on the other side of the pond, without having to search out a special vendor that sells them.

    The cafeteria in the plant I used to work at, deep fried whiting fillets every Friday, and I never failed to get one. Hmmm.....they were so good!


  5. You have reminded me of an old friend stored in a cupboard... my 35mm with all his good lenses. Dusty I am guessing and pretty much worthless. It is so much fun being able to take dozens of photos then just use the one you like and crop it and so on without chemicals and such. I call it gathering data now, not picture-taking.

    Thank you so much for the virtual tour! I didn't need the temptation of a fish and chips dinner! :)

    Dru, washed down with Irn Bru... that takes me back to a Scottish mate from my twenties who introduced me to his favourite beverage. Sorry, it did not take the place of good old Coke (I am north american, you know).

    Thinking about it though, I did migrate toward Scotch from rye whiskey pretty early. :-)


  6. I wonder if there will always be a few people who want to shoot on film. Or perhaps retro revival, such as seems to be happening now with vinyl records. I'm not a photographer, but I'm sure there are things you can do with emulsion that are simply impossible with pixels.

  7. I enjoyed the fish and chips too. Any chance of you bringing some for me next time you're on the way to the south.

    Lovely pictures, as always

    I love your bathroom.

  8. Interesting and wonderful pictures, thank you.

    I took a printing & graphics course and in the lab area they had a dark room for developing pictures. Since I graduated the classroom has moved across to a new building and it was interesting that they did not put in a dark room; seems they have moved beyond developing pictures with chemicals and have gone to digital processing.

  9. I liked the shots very much too.

    What an elegant bathroom.

    I found Scotland - towns and countryside and coast - very photogenic when last there. Must go back, but given the event coming up next spring, it'll have to be an Autumn 2011 trip at the earliest.


  10. Fuji T64 was a wonderful film. Unfortunately 120 RTP was discontinued here about six months ago. I used to shoot in theaters with Ektachrome 320T tungsten and occasionally pushed it a stop with surprisingly good results. I still have boxes of it in the fridge. Maybe someday I'll dig out a 85B filter and shoot it up outdoors. Lovely photos btw! ~ Simone

  11. I am impressed with the tree in your bathroom. I only managed to have my chilli plants in there!

    Very nice pics you have taken.


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