Saturday, 2 October 2010


last night of the long hair.

October has arrived with more driving rain, just the weather for todays mission.
Thank goodness we have been unwell, Julie is now trying my cold and finding she does not like it and As usual I have been left with a cough which will no doubt take weeks to clear. To have been in this state out on the road would have been unpleasant to say the least especially since we have been spending half the day asleep and half the night awake and keeping as far apart as possible much of the time with me still camping in the spare room vacated by our recent guest.
The only up side to all this is that I was able to attend the appointment along the river at the hairdressers which I had made provisionally last week. I have worked out that it is five and a half years since I helped a girlfriend get to her appointment with her broken leg, I had no idea the time had passed so quickly.
It was lashing with rain when I set off and I was none too pleased that some idiot had damaged the first ATM I visited and had to spend extra time in the rain to get some cash. I do not have a card yet in the new name and did not want to wave the old one under their gaze. There was a parking space just ten yards from the door so the result would not be ruined before anyone had seen the full effect.
The salon was in full flow when I arrived just before 10.15, not an extra heart beat per minute, nothing but a state of calmness as I took a seat on one of the sofas and gazed out towards the street and listened to the chatter about me. It was not long before Sally came to lead me to another floor of the building, already girlfriend mentioned above had briefied Sally on my updated status and she was enthusiastically on side. With her she had a couple of style books but I had already decided to run through my general thoughts and the points which were of slight concern like my deep widows peak and desire to keep something about shoulder length at this point and see what she could suggest. It was soon clear that she was spot on my wavelength and I gave her free reign to do exactly what she thought fit. She knows where she wants this to go in the future already! This is the easy care starter cut! I think she is going to be giving me homework!
I was offered a souvenir but declined and a small weight of hair hit the floor and I mean weight! The process is too fascinating and the chat so constant that there was no time to zone out and enjoy the snipping and attention, chatting via a mirror is completely new to me and was a little disorienting for a while. The feeling of inclusion was absolute and has suddenly brought tears and a lump in the throat with the brief realisation of something missed in this life, it will pass soon enough, now is what is important.
It was not long before a smile was switched on and could not be switched off. Nature plays cruel tricks on us, hair everywhere but where you want it, my hopes for any real success frankly were on the low side with a starting point of thinning receding hair and the obvious ugly bumps on the skull but Sally played her magic on me and the image reflected back was better than anything I could have hoped for, It floats and swings and bounces and... 

Parting with my cash I felt it was money well spent and have a pre christmas date already arranged so there had better be a few invites out!
Lashing rain greeted me at the door and I was thankful for my lucky parking spot, now for some critical reviews. Julie’s face said it all, happy and pleasantly surprised at just how good it came out and Betty who spends a large chunk of her disposable income in said same salon was equally impressed. Her husband who has been supportive if a bit skeptical seemed a little taken aback at this obvious step more towards femininity, now he knows he is completely outnumbered by women!
After a quick lunch I set off with a shopping list for a meal for friends tomorrow, they don’t know about the hair yet, but thought I would try a stop off on the way. I wondered if I could get a suitable passport photograph while the effect was still in it’s prime so went to see a couple of friends at their studio, they do magazine shoots all the time so perhaps there would be a suitable set up on the go. Just my luck, the space was set up with drum kit! Sandy was going to be using it to practice with his band over the weekend and worse than that the new regulations are so tedious to comply with they had each gone along to the local supermarket and pushed £5 into the photo booth. So no glamourous photo shoot results to show, sorry.
Oh well, we had coffee and chatted and I picked their brains on a few digital questions finally being handed a fat manual of ideal weight for pressing flowers, Hope I don’t get tested on this when it goes back. They packed up for the weekend and I headed from the airport where they hang out through the technology park to the one supermarket with covered parking and did battle with the photo booth and it’s ten second delay to capture after the button is pressed! I was going to show the result but the scanner just decided to not respond to the final scan command, why does machinery do this to me? At least I can now fill in the passport application and send off the huge tax which you have to pay to get the documentation to show my new identity to the world.

Look what a curse on the machine can do!

So which one does the job best, government regulations version or happy snap at home?


  1. Your passport photo came out quite well, but I'll take the lucky snap. Your hair looks gorgeous! It suits you well. And I'm glad it was a good experience. Money well spent indeed!

  2. I vote for happy snap at home! I love it, Caroline! And look at that pretty natural wave!

    I'm so sorry that you had to wait for over five decades, to get that feeling of inclusion! There are few experiences more cherished, than sitting in a salon and having a woman do your hair or nails, and sincerely treating you like one of the girls! An inclusive feeling indeed! I'm so happy you enjoyed the experience. You look lovely!

    Melissa XOXO

  3. Getting it cut is a wonderful process and a social occasion. You'll find yourself repeating this every other month, Caroline. And what an outcome! You must be so pleased.

    Next: the eyebrows, eyes and lips. Subtle, eye-enhancing makeup is tricky and needs practice, but successful eyes and lips work with the hair to create a very feminine look.

    Meanwhile you look great!


  4. Caroline, both pictures look great! The social inclusiveness is wonderful too.

  5. Both pictures look great. I think the happy snap is better though. Your hair looks lovely.

    As Lucy said you'll find yourself going regularly just because its such a lovely experience. I look forward to each of my hair appointments and my hairdresser sounds the same as yours. Knows what she wants to do with the hair and is very enthusiastic about it.

  6. If those were my photographs, I'd be proud of both of them!

  7. I love the happy snap. Your hair look beautiful - you're really blossoming.

  8. Loved the post it made me smile nearly as much as the haircut made you smile!
    You look great!
    Your passport photos look way better than mine. Mine is an embarasement. The post office said I could not have hair on my forehead which left me looking like a damn prisoner!


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