Thursday, 11 November 2010


Blogworld, at least my small corner of it has become something of a bleak riot of late rather than a place of comfort, mutual support and solace.
Life has been quite interesting these past couple of weeks and would have been rich material for several posts. 
Perhaps I am being too sensitive but in the present climate they would have seemed irrelevant and inappropriate. How sad is that?
We are as varied and transient a group as you could find trying to find shelter under one small umbrella in a storm. If we cannot behave in a civilized manner together what hope do we have?
Today 92 years ago “the war to end all wars” came to an end. I was searching for a photo essay which I did about the battlefield remains around Ypres, the place where hundreds of thousands met their end, untold numbers only have their names on monuments, no single trace of them ever being found. 
In the weeks which I spent on this project I never felt as low as I do on our battlefield here.


  1. I know how you feel, Caroline. I just don't understand the impulse to engage in attacks and retaliations because I don't see the value in it. And although I get angry about intolerance of someone's position. If you don't like what someone has to say on their blog or feel they are incorrect in their views, there are hundreds of other blogs and thousands of other things to do.

    I still get a great deal of comfort from transblogworld, even amidst the turmoil. I would say to post as you would like. Change the subject and share about your life. That is far more important and worthwhile than slogging through the mud.

    Although I've been in a weird crisis mode recently, I am still just trying to focus on writing about the things which are meaningful to me and help me sort things out. I hope you can get back to doing the same as I truly enjoy reading your blog.

    Be well!


  2. With the exception of one commenter, I haven't seen any hate or dissent about. Maybe I've been lucky. I'm sorry it has you feeling uncomforted (is that a word?) and encountering a lack of solace.

    On the other hand, 11/11/11. Wow! All binary digits switched to on. ;)

  3. I love your description; "as varied and transient a group as you could find trying to find shelter under one small umbrella in a storm".

    I also understand that lack of comfort, mutual support and solace you refer to.

    When we agree with each other, it is easy to behave.

    Our real challenges come on those days when we read a post we disagree with. Our diplomatic skills are put to the test when someone is 'foolish' in our humble opinion. It is much harder to be civilized, to be kind, when our beliefs are being tested. If we work hard, we can find a way to do what is right; to be helpful and still be kind enough to allow those we disagree with to maintain dignity, and continue to share that umbrella with us for another day.

    I do not always want solace, or agreement, because to learn we need to be challenged. I do expect to be respected as someone who is doing my best. I like to think everyone shares that goal.


  4. Your title says, 11.11.11. Did you by chance come across a DeLorean DMC-12, equipped with a working flux capacitor, so that you could travel forward in time one year? Sad to think that our future will be as acrimonious as our past.

    My father always told me it takes two to keep an argument going, and that the smart one will walk away. Unfortunately, sometimes our antagonists want to follow us. Then we have to resort to more proactive measures. Sad to say that's what I had to do. I hope it brings peace to at least a segment of our once peaceful little corner of the blogosphere.

    Melissa XX

  5. Perhaps 11.11.11 is a British and Commonwealth tradition Melissa, so you did not understand the reference. Next year will actually be, because 11.11.11 refers to the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month every year since the first on back in 1918.

    It is my opinion, we really need to all stay, rather than walk away. We need to stay, and say, 'if you want to take pleasure in some like company, and learn more about what that is about and how to deal with it, please do so. If your purpose is to help to bring somebody else down, then please take hatred elsewhere.'

    Name calling and finger pointing is way too childish a behavior to be helpful or fun.

  6. Thanks Halle, I did hesitate with the title which looks so clean not knowing how universally understood it is.

    I was born not too long after WW2 and long before I ever went to school had studied picture books about the first world war and could already read enough and do the maths to calculate the closeness of these events and the likelihood of their happening again in my lifetime seemed 100%. It took my project and subsequent exhibitions in Belgium to exorcise these thoughts.

    Peaceful by nature it has been painful to see peoples blogs hijacked by vitriolic comments from one person with a nature akin to a school bully.

    We all would wish to have transitioned into the woman we know we should have been and at an age where we could have lived a life like any natal girl. Perhaps we would not all have been so lucky to get the super slippy parts from the operation which she did but they did not help her keep any of her many husbands despite their comfort cushion of wealth. We might not have had so many college chances either but then again I would hope with so many degrees to be able to post on blogs and comments with fewer spelling mistakes than this dyslexic blogger has spotted, since I try hard this has been as annoying as the tirades.

    After four decades as the woman she wanted to be I am at a loss as to why she should want to be here at all. This space is a lifeboat for those transitioning. Few have the advantages, luck or success of out tormenter but have found degrees of happiness for ourselves and with others successes in their transition. For one who should have been a shining example of the possibilities available it has been a tragedy that she has chosen to thrash about and torment us here.

    I spent a long time last night reading through her posts and comments from the original T Central guest post which I have to admit left me lost the first time I read it. With every possible advantage she claims to be happy and enjoying life but after that profile statement shows not one iota of joy in anything I have read.

    We have enough to contend with without the self appointed word police on our tails. I agonise over the decimation of the language! I was born into a world where decimation had a definition fixed for millennia, now it has non. We live in a corner of humanity with no universal dictionary to work from but we manage to communicate by self description and this has long been accepted and has worked across different continents and cultures. Long may it continue.

    May peace now reign.

  7. Some levity for you: there are people who want to declare 11/11/11 (November 11, 2011) "Nigel Tufnel Day." If you don't know the significance, look it up. :)

    I'm a peaceful person as well. I do like to deal with issues, even controversial ones, as long as the focus is on the issues themselves. I do not like personal attacks. That would also apply to passive-aggressive behaviour. It's your blog, but I recommend that there be no third-party discussions. Issues, not people.

  8. Seems wars are always going to be fought over boundary lines. Better to mediate than launch bombs or plant them.

    Peaceful resolutions can only come when each side can appreciate the others point of view. It requires a willingness to bend and both sides.
    Which reminds me back is feeling a little sore of late.

    Peace and Love! :o)


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