Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Holiday period over, normality resumes.

The holiday season is over and a few pounds have been gained due to the extra temptations on offer. I should know by now and never to buy cheese at this time of year because so much just appears when friends visit. It is hard to resist buying stilton cheese around Christmas when both the offers and the ripeness are at their best. At least that portion which hasn't settled around my waist already made my last batch of soup, celery and onion, truly wonderful.

Santa seems to have forgotten us or perhaps like the Post Office, cards and presents have disappeared into limbo.  I've just received a birthday card which I know was posted on 11th.  December should I just keep it as an early card this year? This year we gave each other gas for the central heating as Christmas presents and we have to admit there have been the best present ever! That in combination with the new windows we have been cosy than ever and when the gas bill arrived yesterday we were  well  into credit  instead  of miles behind which we normally would be at this time of year.  Caroline enjoyed Christmas much more than ever before, acceptance has been total  by all our friends and my changes hardly ever mentioned  these days, have become a non-issue!

There are still meter high mounds of ice randomly scattered around the roads about here from the first snowfalls a month and a half ago. The occasional thaws and rain showers are both freezing on the ground overnight and when like last night terrors of scattering of fresh snow the next day is truly treacherous. Motorists have overcome there fear and are now driving you crazy speeds with not thought about how they might stop or change direction in a hurry. Walking the streets feels decidedly dangerous when yet another idiot screams past over revving the engine, wheels spinning on the slush and ice. When will it ever end?

We have avoided most of this by not going far to visit friends or entertaining at home. The Scots have always been very sociable at New Year and for a week or so into the year. For us it has been aided by acquiring half of a deer which had been shot in the cull of the large numbers now found on local farms. Not only was it very reasonable price it has been incredibly tasty, the last casserole was quite the best one we have ever cooked! Finally everyone is settling back into their regular routines and nobody has dropped in for the last two days. Now everybody can start to feel SAD since it will be a while before many of them get a glimmer of sunshine on their skin. Interestingly since losing my testosterone I have been much more cheerful at this time of year long may it continue.
There are certain things which just happen at the same time every year like the first sign of daffodils or leaves falling in the autumn, for me without thinking I start reading books about travel, longing to break free of the winter and head off somewhere on the road. At the moment I'm reading of the cycle ride taken up the west coast of Scotland and it has spurred me on to book a ferry crossing to the continent to give me something concrete to dream up plans for in the early summer. Julie is at her best when the temperatures are not too high so hopefully this will be a good time for to enjoy the trip. The plan is to try and join together as many friends with a free bed as possible now that cash is not so easy to obtain and prices seem to be shooting up, if petrol was still priced per gallon there would probably be riots in the street!
Life here on the net seems a little calmer in the T universe as the squabbling has calmed down over Christmas you doubt it will resume soon. I have deleted and resubmitted profile pictures countless times that it is a complete mystery as to what image will appear if I wish to follow a blog or make a comment clearly I have been cursed in some way and have to carry the blue Square with a question mark to warn people of the curse! I took a long time to be persuaded to join in on Facebook and had finally come to terms with it as a chatty form of blog lite, not at all impressed with the belligerent imposition of their new page layout. Clearly they know what is best for us and we have to put up with it, so many people have spoken of their dissatisfaction, so many have posted that they wish they had never tried the new profile and didn't realise there was no back button! No doubt soon this will be old news then everyone will just accepted their fate, I hate it as much as I think I will perhaps you'll have to put up with more posting here.
A glance at the new calendar shows numerous events looming in the real world, some in not so easy places to reach if this crazy winter weather continues. Time to make sure my few items of decent clothing are in a decent state of cleanliness and ready to go.



  1. It is sad to hear your description of drivers' nonchalance after driving in icy conditions for a while. It is exactly the same here in Canada; after a few days of really careful driving, everyone is 'manic' again for the rest of the winter.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the change to metric was at least partly due to the ability to 'foist' bigger price increases. If we were in gallons still, a $.45 increase in one day would send people ballistic... $.10 a liter is bad enough of course.

    The football pitch shot is familiar; but we usually don't see that until March or April. I love the bottom one with the grasses in the foreground. Gorgeous.

  2. I love the picture of you. The top really suits you. Xxx

  3. I agree with Lisa. That's a really nice picture! Good time of year for a sweater dress, or whatever you might call it (I know what we call a sweater is a jumper to you).

  4. I just have to tell you that you look really, really great in your photo.

    Louise xxx

  5. What a wonderful picture of you, Caroline. You look so happy. I love your togs! Those Brussel sprouts look very nice too. Is it safe to assume they came from your garden?

    It's treacherous here too. The dusting of snow we got, was followed last night by a layer of sleet. I'm afraid to step out onto the deck, because it's coated with ice.

    Melissa XX

  6. Driving in Phoenix is treacherous enough without ice...they all think they're in a road race.

    I love reading your posts because you live in a part of the world I know my wife and I would love, icy roads and all.


  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    A few days of thaw and now heavy rain has removed most of the ice, just a few stubborn heaps of black dirty ice remain, the rest is melted and settled into the potholes which now exist beyond all possible counting and lie in wait to break your suspension at a moments notice beneath the puddles.

    Nice to get some positive comments on my new look, just one note, I neither jump nor sweat in this outfit!

    Caroline xxx


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