Tuesday, 12 April 2011

On the road, savings vanishing fast.

On the road with only occasional net contact, no Black i, Berry phone or such like to play with. Met with Lisa and Jenny just outside Oxford at my sisters home. Took ferry to visit Guggenheim gallery in Bilbao and am now on border looking out onto the Pyrenees with Atlantic beach half a mile away. Never been to this corner of France so will look about before heading east to the Mediterranean border in a few days time. Don't expect to hear much from me for the next month! They say a snap is worth a thousand words, perhaps a few less for some of these!

Jenny's home made cider
Poor Rob was outnumbered six to one.
bit fuzzy since three bottles had evaporated.  
 Near Jenny's house!
 Had to compare local cider, Jenny won.
 Local building style, Oxfordshire
 Sunday pub lunch
 End of boat trip, Bilbao.
 Tagged prisoner in the cafe.
Hall full of steel, photos forbidden 


  1. Great pictures as always!
    Good to see you all on Friday.
    Have a great trip.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Blimey I look big next to Lisa. Enjoy the rest of your travels!

  3. With the picture blurred out, it looks like a painting. :)

    Have a great trip! Thanks for lovely forbidden photos.

  4. I wish I was there with you. My daughter lives in the south of France and so we try to go once a year if at all possible.

    Drink some great wine for me, will you. And yes pictures. Beautiful

  5. Did you wave? I did - hope it was the right time.

    Looks like a good start to your holidays has been had! Have a great time.


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