Saturday, 2 April 2011

R & R from the Trans battlefield

There are Trans wars raging throughout the net if you  surf about but all that will do is raise your blood pressure. Better wander amongst those blogs with a little T running through them but otherwise full of snippets of real  life. I used to write about my search for past lost or hidden memories seeking out my early roots. Some things bring back memories more than others, scent and taste can evoke decades past in a moment and reading one of my favourite blogs, dru-withoutamap but with a of the few really pleasant recollections of childhood came back to me. My comment says it, the taste of "apple juice " brings back memories of being left on summer evenings in the gardens of country pubs, Think Inspector Morse for detective fans, and the occasional treat of an "apple drink"  instead of our usual orange squash. No doubt illegal but my grandfather started on cider when he was two years old! These days I prefer French farm ciders, are the one's made from pears still ciders? After reading Dru's post I needed a treat after a hard day in the garden and was lucky enough to find the last bottle purchased with the last €s from the sale of pictures from last year's exhibition in France while on the way to the ferry in Le Havre. 

This is supposed to be me being happy having drunk half the bottle with my stir fry.
Gardening has been done with a chain saw but no matter how much I remove it still seems overgrown. One benefit has been an improved atmosphere in the car which had a three metre juniper chopped up and left in it for three days before I could be bothered to go to the recycling centre, a million times stronger than those dangly air fresheners from the petrol station, nice.
Julie has been busy writing various articles and today was the launch in the local museum of a small book about local worthies and she was asked to give a short talk about her chapter since the launch was being held next to the painting of George Paterson which she was responsible for buying for the museum shortly before her retirement. They got her to reduce the size of her contribution but she got some revenge by talking to a captivated audience for about half an hour, she would be there still if there had not been two others waiting to give their contribution. I bought a laptop because writing a book about the sitter was going to be one of the projects to fill in her retirement. She hates laptops, even the baby mac! Aside from that there is just no time  available to do research when being retired fills every moment with countless other random fun things. 

Having dropped Julie at the door of the museum I went in search of somewhere to park the car which did not cost a fortune, motorists are driven away from the centre of the city and forced to negotiate an obstacle course of building sites and roadworks but it gave me a chance to do one of my favourite pastimes, translating signs. Why are so few done well, look good and tell you something useful and unambiguous. todays sign shows you that spring has sprung but I like that it seems to say that you can't park in the short term parking. Who cares, I found free parking less than a hundred yards away. look at that! Born into an Imperial measuring system and still only half transitioned into Metric!


  1. You got your hair bobbed! You look sweet!

    Thanks for the link to Dru's blog. It appears we have a mutual affection for her writings.

    I've never had cider, unless you can call what the Germans drink once a year, their version of cider. I think they call it apfelwein. Pretty good stuff, made all that much better by tablesful of imbibers swaying left to right as they sing to the accompaniment of accordion music!

    Big hug!
    Melissa XOXO

  2. Pear cider - Perry of course, and my taste buds prefer a good perry to a cider.


  3. The hair does look good.

    I like perry, too. James Russell described, over on his blog, the game of Gloucestershire Roulette, where you stand under a pear tree and hope not to get hit by a pear, as they are hard and pear trees are tall. If I might make so bold, Waitrose Vintage Perry is a triffly good one. It's bottled for Waitrose by Westons of Much Marcle. Yum, squared.

  4. Now I just look dumb! I have drunk lots of French pear "cider" but it has destroyed precisely the brain cells which would have remembered what it said on the bottle. not to worry I shall go back soon and check.

    You would have thought that a school founded in mediaeval times with Grammar in it's title could have taught me to write more elegant and concise prose than I do!

  5. mmmm pear cider. Its a bit early but really tempting.
    I remember a glass of cider was my first tipple with my uncle aged about 13.
    He was a fireman but did gardening for people on his days off. In the summer holidays my cousin and I used to help him and one really hot day he bought Cider and chips when we were finished.
    Lovely. :-)
    See you Friday. Hope to be there around 7.00 but will call you when I know what time I will finish on Friday. I will be coming down from Manchester.

  6. I can't remember what the French for Perry is either - it's a long time since I tasted some. It's a long time since we drank cider too, I must put it on the shopping list.


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