Saturday, 28 May 2011


Is it just me or has everyone lost their followers on their blog?

It has been a couple of days now!


  1. My list of followers seems to come and go, although it hasn't totally disapperaed - yet!

    I think that Google are in the middle of some major revamp, and this is one of the little things that might go wrong.


  2. Mine is missing too. I'm sure it will return at some point. Some database is probably temporarily inaccessible.

  3. Blogger is still telling me I follow you, so it can't have gone far.

  4. I think this was part of the big blogger crash a couple of weeks ago

  5. Mine are missing too, but it's happened before and then they suddenly return.

    Melissa XX

  6. As indeed they have done!

  7. Whew! I thought it was just mine. I can see the followers on my dashboard but the gadget thingy doesn't work.

  8. I've been seeing it intermittently for weeks. I feared it was my computer suffering from ick.

  9. Blogger was so smug about working so well too!

    I was just about to post while on our trip just before leaving a house with web access when it all went down before.

    Wee take this miracle of the modern age for granted, I must write more posts like this, I got loads of comments!


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