Monday, 25 July 2011

Just working in the garden.

In the past my donor body was subjected to a roller coaster ride of manic activity and deep lows of despondency. I quite liked the manic phases and could sometimes get a lot done in a short time before the lows returned. 
Life is now quite flat but flat at a good level. If I want to do something I have to push myself and it has taken a while to get used to this. I have been pushing myself on the garden projects for weeks now with only a few breaks and with the evenings being the best time for much work especially the cement work I have been taking care of the long summer light we get in Scotland, today finished at 10.30 pm yet again.
The usual trusty concrete mixer decided to just stop and was out of action for about a week until my net searches found some helpful guy who phoned to help diagnose the fault treating me in a kindly way as the obviously less smart than a man way guys have when they have to deal with a woman. I mark this up as a success as was his diagnosis and the instructions on how to strip down the machine to be ready for the new part were perfect. Having it grind away on a Sunday seemed less than neighbourly so I have spent the day removing a largish spreading tree without crushing the plants growing within four metres. With pains taking care all the small side branches were removed then I borrowed a chainsaw to cut through the thick spreading branches to near the point of breaking then eased them down pulling on ropes onto the one nearby path. Julie looks on in wonder not able to understand how I can do this when friends pay out a fortune and have devastated gardens to contend with afterwards! 
Two of the largest twisted boughs I had long ago stated would make perfect rustic handrails for the front steps up to the house. It was  assumed that I was just dreaming out loud so Julie got a surprise to find me stripping bark off one limb which I had lashed into place to try out my idea. A magical sculpture and handrail in one! It will take a fair bit of work to bring it to perfection, the other one looks as promising for the other side. Feeling slightly smug.

The vegetable garden has been neglected much of the time since we returned from out trip, the garden help goes in with her mum who is starting to enjoy growing things, shame that they will not touch any weeds which are not close to what they want to eat! Thankfully I was not able to persuade them of the joys of artichokes so we got the whole crop, this was the last picking.
So life goes on but with a little added back ache. Thankfully my new bumps have not shrunk with the new weight losses...


  1. The artichokes look lovely. I hope we'll see some pictures of the results of the rest of your hard work.

  2. What a wonderful idea to make rustic handrails from the boughs. Looking forward to the pictures as Anji says.

  3. Give me a chance! Back to mixing mortar to lay some paving, pictures will be posted but don't hold breath...

  4. I look at our garden and despair - there is much desire to see it looking nice but seemingly no time. I bet you have been losing the lbs with all that work.

    Love the artichokes !



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